Zargoff's Quality Crop Circles!

Have you had a crop circle recently appear in your corn field?

Were you dissappointed at the shoddy craftsmanship?

If so, then we have good news!

Zargoff's Quality Crop CirclesTM
has been making crop circles with quality globally-- at an outrageously low price-- for over 2000 years! We are also responsible for such lovely works as the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, the Pyramids, and the Eiffel Tower!

Our quality work comes in many designs as well!

The Traditional Circle

The Evil Face!

Sqiggly Line!
...And, if you consider yourself a vanguard of high fashion...

The Square Crop Circle!

Buy today, and we'll give you a package deal: buy 2, get one free!

Ordering is easy! Just chain a young virgin to your front porch on a night with a full moon, and we'll drop by that night! No need to tell us what you want, the Enlightened Ones will read your mind and save you the hassle! Don't even bother paying: we'll also get your bank account and credit card number!

Zargoff's Quality Crop Circles


A Quality that will make you want to smile!

*Picture courtesy of Belle and the Lancaster CTYers

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