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Are you having a nice day?

Well, we at the Egalitarian Anarchists, Inc. Headquarters most certainly hope so, because what a shame it is, when a member of the common good isn't having a nice day! The EAO (Egalitarian Anarchist Organization) is working to preserve the principle, wholesome goodness of anarchy, chaos, death and destruction in a user-friendly way! As the only organization that promotes these principles, we try to maintain a courteous, helpful staff to help and support you in all your needs, from our Fundamentals of Anarchy Digest to information on pipe bombs! Try calling us at the toll-free number:
...And we will live up to your expectations!

Tired of taxes, elections, and political bantering? We at the Egalitarian Anarchsts, Inc. Headquarters can help you! Yes, there is an alternative, and we will try very hard to please!

Egalitarian Anarchy. Now. ...Or whenever it best suits you.

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"I'm an odd duck. However, I think that can be attributed to the fact that I am not a duck at all, but rather one twisted individual." -Kia