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Coven Of The Vampress Webring
Coven of the Vampress Webring

This ring has been created for the main purpose of linking together all Gothic/Vampiric/Ricean sites on the web. Please help us fufill our purpose. Join The Coven.

{List Of Members}


Potential Sites must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Be Gothic or Vampiric in Nature
  2. Have no broken images
  3. All images must be from the potential site's own server.
  4. Have no content that is Hate/Racist/Porno/Satanic in nature.

*Note* The html fragment required to be put on webring member pages is shown in the box below and will be included in the email sent to queue sites when they join. Note queue sites will have to customize this html fragment, ie, place their Site ID in the fragment(it may automatically be done) and download the image "flame.gif"

Please download the image and upload it on your own server and then customize it into your html fragment.

Thanks, Gabriella and Alison Anne
{HTML Fragment}

Copy and Paste the html fragment onto your site. Don't forget to replace --mail--, --name--, --id-- with your email address, name and site id#.

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