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Magickal Properties of Seashells

Abalone: General use-holds empowered herbs, stones, etc.
Clam Shells: Purification, love
Conches: Love
Cone Shells: Protection
Cowries: Prosperity, money, female mysteries, spiritual enhancement, The Goddess
Left-Handed Whelks: Dramatic and positive changes
Limpets: Courage, confidence, physical strength
Moon Shells: Psychic awareness, purification, peace
Olive Shells: Healing
Oysters: Love and good fortune
Sand Dollars: Wisdom
Scallops: Travel, movement
Tooth Shell (Dentalium) : Money

Information taken from: Cunningham, Scott and David Harrington. Spellcrafts: Creating Magical Objects. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1999.