this is amanda bein silly...(we tend to do that)

this is rob, amanda, me, and james in the limo from our prom

this is the ALMIGHTY justin (refer to my quotes page) on a bike with a cool horn....that he wanted 2 use 2 pick up chics

this is ryan...he's a cutie from np

this is lauren and i, respectively....this is another old pic...maybe 2 yrs...i lvoe lauren

this is jen and yea...i ADORE jen...she's my bitch ;) and i'm, it's all good

this is steve! isn't he HOT? not cute! but HOT!

this is spiderman brian

this is jen and hoben..yes, jen's WASTED

this is dan...he's a punk rocker...dan's SO cool...and he's in a, u hafta show him ur boobs.

this is bryan and pat....dressing up as women...and they were completely sober

this is ashleigh, me, and lauren from 2 summers ago

lol....this is ashleigh when she was REALLY young...she made me promise not 2 put this pick up, so, of course, i didn't

this is lauren from like 3 yrs ago....showing some major cartilage

this is fuad (aka dave) from boston

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