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<font color=red>Eastern New York Honda Si Club</font>

Eastern New York Honda Si Club

THIS PAGE IS EXREMELY OUTDATED, THIS IS THE NEW PAGE: This will soon be the Eastern NewYork Honda Si Club Once me and Chris get our shit together.

We have just started to make a gallery of the viewer's pictures, stories, and specifications/modifications. If you have any pictures or stories you would like to contribute to this page, please send them to the correct address.

CRX Pictures-

Prelude Pictures-



First off we apologise for not updating the page in a while, but this summer has been all work, which can only mean good things for the cars!
*Just a notice that there are many new appearance changes in the CRX (not as many but a few in the lude) and we plan to have these new pictures up very soon, but until then you'll just have to read about them.

Our Kill Page

I got my first trophy in Autocorssing with the lude on 9-17-00. I came first place in E-Stock. Yeah the chris beat my time but he didn't come in first place in his class. We are still fighting over who is the better dirver.
*OK The lude is officially for sale. I am going to get a 94-94 Prelude Vtec. I want either black or red and I guess leather is a plus, but its also more weight, I have big plans for the Vtec, autocorss wise, I all ready know all the up-grades i am going to do. The only thing is I don't know if i want to keep it in G-stock or move to Street Touring, I have to scoupe out for next season, to see who is running lower times.
*The CRX now has all eclipse speakers in it, along with the MD Deck, makes for some nice tunes. Soon to come maybe next week the Rex is getting an amp and a box.
*Many changes in the lighting for the CRX. First I got clears for the front, so all clear turns and red parking lights, with crystal blue's in the headlights, which looked pretty hot, but here in guilderland the clears are becoming a bit too trendy, and i wanted to get off that, so i went to tint all my lights now (front and rear) yet leaving the clears on the front, heh, don't ask me why, leaving one small problem. With night driving the blues with a cover produce hardly any light. Solution, RALLY Fog lights. Now i can see and still cruise in style. And hey, i've only been pulled over once so far for the lights (the rears at night). THE PIX WILL COME SOON!!
*The CRX just got in CTR Cold Air Intake. Sounds pretty sweet, now you can hear me fly by.

Click here to find out how to install special lights

1-11-00 Update, Pics of Rear lights install, sorry prelude only, CRX coming soon

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New on 1-30-00, AWS explained, page below

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Ok this is going to be the only Acura on our site because it is the coolest car in the school and Sean the owner is a cool ass kid.Seans Integra.

See how good our cars are

Wanna know what this AWS(All Wheel Steering) is all about??

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