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These are girls taken and quoted from lists by Celebrity Focus(), Tatler(~), and The Sunday Mirror(*). This is just a list to let you know about some of the possibilities. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Lady Rose Alexander*

Elder daughter of Earl Alexander of Tunis. Her mother is a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. The South London-based debutante, 18, doesn't use her title. She is said to have been on a list of eligible girls drawn up when William was two.

Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe*~

Gorgeous 19-year-old blonde deb whose mom was a gorgeous deb of the '60s. Granddaughter of legendary English pre-war racing driver Earl Curzon. Fun-loving party girl who organizes weekly raves at her university in Edinburgh, which is said to be William's No. 1 college choice. The only problems are she has a boyfriend and she has never met William.

Violet Astor

She lives in Kent at historic and beautiful Hever Castle, once home to Anne Boleyn, who lost her head -literally- over husband Henry VIII. Shouldn't be scared of Wills, since beheading is now illegal in England. At 19, she's planning a career as a model.

Holly Branson~

A self-confessed altruist, she's off to work in an orphanage in Africa - Holly, 17, has opted for a career in medicine. Her dazzling movie-star looks have not been affected by her passion for chocolate ice-cream.

Olivia Buchanan-Jardine

Her family were the great China traders Jardine Matheson. The company was sold at the beginning of the century and now her family lives in a castle in Scotland. Extremely pretty and said to be quite a rebel, Olivia, 16, would appeal to Wills' own tendency to rebel at times.

Charlotte of Monaco*

Charlotte, 13, is the daughter of Princess Caroline and the deceased Stefano Casiraghi. She is often descirbed as a more beautiful version of her mother. Charlotte enjoys horse-riding and swimming like William. Many say that the age gap will not matter in the coming years.

Emilia D'Erlanger*

Her father, Robin, is a wealthy landowner/company director/commercial pilot and her mother, Elizabeth, sister of Viscount Exmouth, is a regional directorof auction house Sotherbys. Already close to Wills after being invited on his "Love Boat" cruise last summer. She's 18 and the youngest of 5 children.

Daisy Dird

Her father, is a corporate financial adviser in the city of London. She is tall, blonde, blue-eyed 18-year-old and popular in Wills' London society set.

Lady Iona Douglas-Home

Daughter of the 15th Earl of Home, banker and Scottish landowner. Iona, 18, spent a year travelling in Australia. She is good friends with William and at 5-foot-10 is a physical match for the tall prince.

Davina Duckworth-Chad*

Sexy and athletic, like William, though she's three years older. Loves sailing and tennis. Was first debutante to be featured on the Internet in a pinup pose. Great pedigree- her mother Elizabeth was Princess Di's cousin and her father, Anthony, is wealthy Norfolk landowner and a close friend of Prince Charles. Another VIP guest on the "Love Boat" cruise last summer and attened same Millenium Eve party as William, which makes her a firm favorite. She attends Bristol and is studying history of art. She has looks, brains, and money.

Laura Fellowes*

Laura, 19, is the daughter of Princess Diana's sister Jane and Lord Fellowes. She joined William on the Greek cruise last summer and on the Millenium Eve. She is now studying at Edinburgh. But, they are cousins.

Lady Edwina Grosvenor

She lives in London's most expensive high-rent district, Belgravia, which her father, the Duke of Westminster and Britain's richest man, conveniently owns. At 17, she's known for her flaming red hair and has known Prince William all her life. Her father is William's godfather. Another great match for William.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden*

She is the daughter of Karl Gustav of Sweden, a close cousin of the Queen, and Queen Sylvia and the youngest of 3 children. Madeleine is 11 days older than William.

Natalie Hicks-Lobbecke

Natalie, 22, was the blonde girl spotted with William at a charity match at the Beaufort polo club. She was head girl at her school, Warminster, and captin of tennis and netball. She speaks German and French fluently. She recently graduated from Bristol University. Her father is an army officer.

Tamara Holland Martin

Her family once owned a leading English bank and her father is a merchant banker. Her uncle is a well-known racing figure. Prefers life at home in the country, so she would appeal to Wills' love of riding, hunting, and shooting. Tamara is 18.

Lady Katherine Howard*

Katherine, 23, was one of the girls at the Cartier polo tournament and a member of the Beaufort Hunt. She posed nude for a charity cookbook called In The Buff, which had a recipe submitted by Prince Charles. Her father is the Earl of Suffolk.

Lady Philippa Howard

Daughter of three-times married Earl of Suffolk and sister of Lady Katherine Howard. First public debut two years ago, at 12, doing aerobatics on her father's plane. Neighbor of Camilla Parker Bowles.

Lady Rosanagh Innes-Ker*

Daughter of the 10th Duke of Roxburgh and his ex-wife Lady Jane Grosvenor, and cousin of Lady Eloise and Lady Edwina. She's dark, pretty, 20 years old and loves roaming around the grounds at romantic Floors Castle in Scotland, where she lives- and where Charles courted Di. She was a bridesmaid at Prince Andrew's wedding and now attends Edinburgh.

The Hon, Alexandra Knatchbull*

Daughter of Lord Romsey and the granddaughter of the late Earl Mountbatten, the Prince of Wales' "honorary grandfather". Her parents Norton and Penny are two of Prince Charles' closest friends. Alexandra, 17, has known Prince William all her life and they've shared vacations. Tipped by insiders as a perfect future wife for Wills, but they are practically brother and sister.

Melissa Lilley

Tall, elegant, 18 years old and soft-spoken, with a gentle manner and a passion for her horses. Would be good riding companion for Wills, and excellent horseman.

Emily Mortimer~

Sexy, sassy, 20 something brunette actress who has captured the attention of Prince William. Candidates will be hard-pushed to keep up with her. She is brilliant at journalism, outdoor sports and partying. She is currently starring in Disney's "The Kid".

Catherine Palmer Tomkinson

This 18-year-old once cut off all her hair just for the hell of it. A fun-lover known to be extremely trendy. Has worked with Prince Andrew's ex-flame Aurelia Cecil's PR firm, so knows how to deal with the bad publicity hurdle.

Lady Sybilla Rufus Issacs

Her father is the Marquess of Reading. A popular and funny deb at 19, her aunt, the beautiful Lady Jacqueline, once enjoyed a notorious liason with Princess Margaret's then husband, the Earl of Snowden.

Zara Simmonds

Her grandmother, Hermione, Countess of Ranfurly, five years ago published her wartime diaries which became a suprise best-seller. Hoping to go to university to study art history, a favorite of Wills. The 18-year-old has already been romantically linked with the young prince. She supposedly dumped him.

Violet von Westenholz

I do not know a lot about Violet other than she went to Klosters with William in April and she is 16. She is the girl in the last two pictures of the Klosters Photo Gallery.

Louisa Welby-Everard

Louisa, 25, was the other girl photographed with William at the charity polo game at the Beaufort polo club. She attened Durham University and now is a researcher for the BBC. Her mother died when she was 14 and her father works for the Royal Artillery. But, they will most likely never meet again.

Lady Gabriella Windsor*

Ella is the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. She is a former wild-child, that was once suspended from school for smoking, that travels between London and Spain. Some view her as the sexiest Windsor. Recently dated a German aristocrat. The only downfalls are that they are cousins and that her mother is considered Princess Pushy.

Princess Theodora of Greece*

Dora is the daughter of ex-King Constantine of Greece, Wills' godfather, and Queen Anne Marie, who was a Danish princess. She lives in Hampstead Garden Suburb, north London. She and William gone on family holidays.

If you would like to see additional pictures of some of the girls featured in the section click here.

No Longer A Contender

Katherine Bearman~

Tatler said,"So beautiful she gets to sit next to Prince William at parties and hangs out with his set at the K-Bar. Her filthy sense of humour is legendary and she's as stubborn as a mule. Potential suitors should be careful not to cross her fiercely protective brother Christian." The good news is she has gotten married! This means that one less girl is trying to capture William's heart.

If you have pictures of Lady Edwina Grosvenor, Violet Astor, Catherine Palmer-Tomkinson or any of the other girls please e-mail them to me. Also e-mail me if you know of anyone I could add to my list.

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Most of this material was quoted directly from the sources above. I would like to thank them and acknowledge their hard work. I merely transcribed it and added it to my page.