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News & Rumors

Updated: 10/21/99

Well, on Saturday 10/17 we (Billy, Bob, Tony, Dave, Matthew and I) went to go race at
Wyoming County International Speedway in Perry NY. It was the first time that either of us
had ever been there before. The track is a 1/3 mile banked asphalt oval, very different
from Tioga. We had talked to other people that had been there before to
get ideas for setup...well what works for their cars definately didn't work for ours.
They started 24 cars for the 50 lap feature, I started 11th
and Billy started 24th. (He got wrecked in the heat race). I pulled
into the pits due to an overheating problem and unfortunately for me there was no
visible lap counter and come to find out there was only 3 laps to go when I pulled in.
Billy finished 12th after a few mishaps on the track, I ended up 17th. We had fun
and look forward to going back again next year.

Here are some action shots from Race of Champions!!!

The Race of Champions is history now. It was a very cold weekend to say the least.
We had our qualifying heats Friday night after we had 4 hours of practice during the day.
I started dead last in the heat, only 5 qualified out of 12 cars starting. I ended up
5th, meaning that I qualified for the feature that was to be run on Saturday.
Billy qualified through the consi on Saturday to make the feature also. They started
30 cars, I started 19th and Billy started 27th. Billy had overheating problems
and pulled in abour lap 23 or so. I ended up 16th, Billy ended up 26th.

Justin Ely, driver of the #38 sportsmen modified,
will be moving up to the modified class in 2000.
We all wish him luck!!

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