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My Favorite PS2 Games

Favorite Games

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Favorite Games
Metal Gear Solid 2

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Currently, I have six games for PS2:

- Gran Theft Auto III
- Madden NFL 2002
- Madden NFL 2001
- Ridge Racer V
- Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2
- All Star Baseball 2002
- Gran Turismo 3: A-spec
- Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

Grand Theft Auto III

One of the greatest games ever to be created was the hit serious Grand Theft Auto. Now on the Playstation 2, Grand Theft Auto III continues it's long saga to the action adventure game. One of the reasons I really love this game is because it truly lives up to action/adventure, exploring almost everything you see. Probably the greatest aspect of the game is the 3 dimensional world that you play in and the fact that your character can basically go anywhere and explore anything. Whatever you think of, you can probably do.

There are many cars and weapons that you get to use, from the best and the brightest to the worse and the weakest. On the missions, you must think carefully and plan out your actions. If you think wisely, evade the cops, and beat the gangs, you'll survive in Liberty City.

From the music to the cars to the weapons in hand, this game is one of the PS2's best games of the year so far. It's gameplay is phenomenal as well as the freedom that the game posses. For me, this was my first Grand Theft Auto game and let me tell, this game has it all.

Madden NFL 2002

You really have to own the game in order to have the feel of it. Yeah you can go the stores and play it, but obviously you don't stand there for two hours playing Madden.

This game has it from the graphics to the gamplay. The graphics are amazing. I have played NFL 2K2 for Dreamcast and it no where compares to Madden. Maybe the gameplay is slighty better, but the graphics make up for it. After each play, like a real game, they show the players getting up. If there was a big play, the have little celebrations like high fiving, chest bumps, or just getting pumped up and showing there emotions.

One thing I like is the tackling graphics. There are many new tackles than 2002 for PS1. Speed, balance, and momentum are included so the tackles are real. You just don't hit a brick wall. If you run a good HB and a ROLB comes from the side and tackles you, sometimes the HB's momemtum is so great, the ROLB looses the tackles and just spins down.

All in all, Madden 2002 is the by far best game for PS2 yet. I know many of people don't have Playstation 2 but, just be patient.

Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2

This was the fourth game I got for PS2 and at first I loved it. But then, after a while, you get a little bored of it (I have to admit). However, this game is great!

Visually, the graphics are very good. It's not top of the notch, but it is still better quality of the original Playstation. You can see them talk, yell, and even if your guy is losing by big blows to the face, you will see the bruises.

The sound is decent. It's funyy what they say to each other and even when they fight their rivals, they say differect meaner things. At the beginning of each match, the announcer goes, "Let's get ready to rumble..." The classic phrase to complete the game's sound system.

There are plenty,of characters, 23 total. There's a wide variety of boxers from, skinny to fat, and from tall to short. Get this, there is even Bill and Hillary Clinton in the game. Now thats hillarious! What they say will definately give you a laugh. Overall, the game is great, the graphics are good, and the characters are great. I would give this game a seven or eight on a ten point scale (10 being the best).

All Star Baseball 2002

Acutally I rented All Star Baseball 2002 because I never experienced playing a baseball game on PS2 before and let me tell you, this game is great. I haven't play Triple Play , but I don't have to because this game is truly realistic. I bought the game and now I started a 162 full length season.

The graphics are amazing and really make it like you are watching a real game. When Mike Piazza walked out onto the field during batting practice, I was in awe because it looked exactly like him. The animations and graphics are great. After a while, the fielding gets a little repetitive and it seems like the same animations over and over. Anyway the batting and pitching make up for it. Almost every batter is unique to it's true life stance and the pitching is also customized.

As for the sound, well, it's decent. It's good but not great. The commentary is just like any other game, however, this game does give a good amount of detail to each batter, but does get a little repetitive. Overall, I am very happy with this game.

Gran Turismo 3: A-spec

I recently purchased Gran Turismo 3: A-spec and I would have to say that this PS2 game does in fact prove wahat Playstation 2 is capable of. The trilogy of this series is a definate hit with the stunning graphics, great gameplay, and explosive sounds.

The graphics to start with, is the best feature that the game has to offer. The detail is amazing and looks almost real. The details show especially when driving down the road with the sun in you face, causing some glare on your windsheild of the slick surface when wet.

The amount of cars in this game is great, but I feel that even more cars should be added. BMW has only one car to drive, but yet BMW does have more racing cars like the Z3 or M5. Anyway, all major cars are there such as, the Mustang, Corvette, NSX, Viper, and the Cobra. Almost all cars from the previous series is still there including some new additions.

In the beginning of the game, in the simulation mode, it is difficult to win credits because you can't afford a fast car. Buy a decent car, like the Mazda Miata, and win some races and then tune the car to increase the horsepower. Gain enough money to buy a Mustang and increase the horspower to 717 and play the Super Speedway Endurance course and win that easily. Lucky enough one of the prize cars is the F090/s and then you'll win everything.

Overall, this game is definately a PS2 hit in fact show off the capabilty of the power of Playstaion 2.

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