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4/1/00 - Wow...I haven't been too good about keeping this page updated, have I? Well, today is Saturday and April Fool's Day. So far nothing too April Fooley has happened. School is okay. This is actually a very boring part of my page. What is there for me to write about, science? Oh yes yes yes, science is funfunfun. That zoo was cute. And now we get to make a movie! All right! I want all of you guys to see it once it's'll be pretty awesome!
Other stuff that's happened...lots of crises. Lots and lots of mini-crises that aren't important to anyone except the people they are stressing out. Yup. Well, stay tuned for another School update within the next...7 months at least!!!

9/11/99 - School has begun! This past Tuesday was the first day of school. To tell you the truth, the first day sucked really badly. But with each day, school has just been getting better and better! People are actually starting to like it now. Even math class is fun. I cannot believe I just said that. Oh well, it's all good.

8/6/99 - Let's see. School for me starts the second week of September. Summer has been pretty boring and slow-moving since camp ended...I know, it's weird, but I'm actually looking forward to school right about now! Ack!

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