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1967 Cadillacs

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Welcome to my 1967 Cadillac photo gallery.
I'm currently in the process of restoring a '67 Sedan DeVille hard top which still had the 33 year old factory paint in venitian blue. I intend to paint the car a more exciting Harley Davidson candy purple with pearl white flames. I developed this page to showcase any and all photos of any model Cadillac from 1967. If you have a photo of a '67 you would like to see on this page please e-mail me. Here are some photos of my 1967 Caddy

This is what the car looked like the day I bought it. It had been neglected for a number of years and was sitting in the back of the lot at Fritz's Cadillac repair garage. Fritz, is the area Cadillac expert and I have relied on Fritz's technical expertise on a number of occassions to keep my Caddies running smooth...Originally I went in to inquire about a 1974 Sedan DeVille which he had for sale but as it turned out it was a consignment and the owner wanted more for the car than I was willing to pay. I asked Fritz if he had anything cheap and he pointed to the old blue car and said, If I wanted the car that I could have her for $200. I asked if it would start and he assured me that he drove it and parked it there himself. I had to dump a little gasoline in her carberator and a jump with my GMC pick-up the old girl was purring, or rather stuttering and choking on an almost empty tank of stale gas. I limped the old girl to the nearest filling station and topped off the tank with some fresh "High Test" Here's a photo of the car just as I saw it for the first time. The car is Venitian blue and originally had a black vinyl top. As seen in the photo the top has been removed and is painted with dark gray primer. I took this photo just before I drove her away for $200.00.

This next photo is after a little clean up and four new tires...The four tires that were on the car were all bald and mis matched

Here are four nice photos of Christopher Petro's '67 DeVille Convertible on a nice spring day in Pennsylvania.

Photo used with permission of the Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia...To visit their excellent Cadillac web site go here:
Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia

These next three photos are used with the permission of Rik Gruwez from Belgium
"Copywrite" Rik Gruwez"

A fellow Cadillac enthusiast by the name of Jim Cram from Texas, sent me these photos of his pristine '67 Convertible in firemist gold...Thanks Jim

'67 Coupe

This photo was sent to me by a fellow '67 enthusiast...This is Mike Kord's 1967 Fleetwood in mint orignal condition...What a beauty...Thanks Mike

I'd love to add photos of some more '67 Caddies that are sporting YOM license plates...If you have a '67 and would like to add it to this page just send me an e-mail at:
Here's what The different models cost back in 1967... ...And the total number produced of each model, unfortunately my particular model appears to be the most common Cadillac in '67

1967 Cadillac Prices
model type price Total number produced
G Calais Coupe $5,040 9,085
K Calais Sedan $5,215 2,865
N Calais Hardtop Sedan $5,215 9,880
J Coupe deVille $5,392 52,905
F DeVille Convertible $5,608 18,200
L Sedan deVille $5,625 8,800
B Hardtop Sedan deVille $5,625 59,902
H Fleetwood Eldorado $6,277 17,930
M Fleetwood 60 Special $6,423 3,550
P Fleetwood Brougham $6,739 12,750
R Fleetwood 75 Sedan $10,360 835
S Fleetwood 75 Limousine $10,571 965
Z Fleetwood 75 Commercial Chassis 2,333

Price for options on the various models
Auxiliary horn $12 all
Automatic level control $79 G N K F J B L
Automatic climate control $516 except Fleetwood 75
Bucket seats with console $184 F J B H (leather upholstery required)
Firemist finish $132 all
Cruise control $95 all
Rear window defogger $27 G N K J B L M P H
Front disc brakes $105 Eldorado
Door guards $5 G F J H
Door guards $8 N K B L M P R S
Expanded vinyl upholstery $42 G N K
Soft Ray glass $51 all
Guide-Matic headlamp control $50 all
Head rests $53 all
Leather upholstery $138 J B L M P
Leather upholstery $158 Eldorado
License frame, single $6 all
License frame, pair $12 all
Padded roof $132 J H
Padded roof $137 B L
Power door locks $47 two-door
Power door locks $68 four-door
Power door locks $116 Fleetwood 75
Power ventipanes $72 except H M P (power windows required)
Rear quarter power ventipanes $63 Eldorado
Power windows $116 Calais
AM/FM stereo $288 except Fleetwood 75 *
AM/FM radio $188 all
AM radio $162 all
AM radio rear controls $242 Fleetwood 75 Sedan
Reclining front seat with headrests $84 F J B H (bucket seats or Eldorado bench seats required)
Four-way lefthand power bucket seat $53 F J B H
Six-way power front seat $111 G N K
Six-way power front seat $83 F J B L H M P R
Rear center seat belt $11 all
Front shoulder straps $32 all
Tilt-telescope steering wheel $90 all
Remote control trunk lock $52 all
Twilight Sentinel $32 except Eldorado
Twilight Sentinel $37 Eldorado
White sidewall tires 9.00x15 4-ply 8PR-5 $56 exchange, except Fleetwood 75
White sidewall tires 8.20x15 4-ply 8PR-5 $64 exchange, Fleetwood 75
* no place for two speakers because of rear climate control