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1/06: I heard about an hour of the Chick today in her new digs at 92.3 FM (NY) ... it was fun to hear the gang again after I guess around five years. Apparently, Tyrone is dead (her dog), Chuck now has a son, Butch a g/f, and Chick a notable b/f (apparently, via a web search, Carmine Appice). Such news. Welcome back ... you all sound the same, if more experienced as a team.

[updated 10/05] Chuck Nice sighting: doing some work on WE (Women Entertainment), including "Three Men and a Chick Flick" (helping to comment on Living Nude Girls, which is not bad, if not as racy as it sounds. Still, two lesbians, good amount of sex talk, and Kim Cattrall in her underwear. He also takes part in the network's "Cinematheraphy" movie talk feature. More "chick" related stuff, huh?

[updated 12/14/04]

NY Daily News reports: "Leslie Gold, 'The Radio Chick,' will be heard on Sirius Satellite Radio starting next month." Starting 1/10/04, she will be back on her old time slot (10-2), Talk Central channel 148. I do not have Sirius, but it's good to know she's back. Good luck!

Fired -- Part III: The Radio Chick has been fired again ... it was well known the gang was a weird fit at a Classic Rock station that was proud that they put the "class" in Classic Rock, and they will not be missed too much given their much more traditional replacement (Jim Kerr). On the other hand, it has been argued that they did not bring too much in the ratings department ... mainly kept things fairly the same (hard to think they would do much more given their competition), so nothing much is being lost. The true losers are the gang's loyal fans. As a fan of her, Butchy, and Chucky in the past (I thought her new show watered down her talent and the hours just weren't the same as mine, especially recently), I wish them all well. Losing a treasured slot in NY radio is pretty hard, but such is the nature of the business, and I'm sure she can bounce back yet again. I hope this time that she gets a mid-day slot, which fits her talent and style, and given the chance to truly get back in the groove like the good old days at WNEW.

The Chick and Her Two Boobs

<---The Crew--->

Leslie Gold: The Radio Chick

Leslie Gold a.k.a. "the Radio Chick" (or just plain "Chick" as in "the chick with a hot ass") was born into a (Bridgeport) Connecticut Jewish family about thirty six years ago (c. 1964, exact age top secret), which included "Grouchy Abe" (the curmudgeon patriarch), Bernice (nice mom), and the "sister currently known as Helen" (insists her real name is not used on air, but it was once revealed as Sue). Gold was the head of her high school's cheerleading squad, as well as dating a star player on the football team. She went to Syracuse (didn't properly prepare for the college boards), got a MBA at Harvard, married (to a short guy a.k.a. "Squatty"), and owned a glass business. Both the marriage and business got boring in time, and Gold decided to throw away her education, stab her father in the back, and go into radio. In the mid-1990s, Gold put a tape together and talked her way onto a weekend two-hour call-in program on a now defunct 1,000 watt daytime station, WMMM in Westport, Connecticut [thanks to this article for this additional bit of history, which also speaks of a proposed Radio Chick line of products and an advice column. First I heard of this!]. She co-hosted a successful show in Boston (Two Chicks Dishing), was on the cover of Rolling Stone [well it was a mock photo, but still ...], but dreamed of more. In the summer of 1999, she got a job at WNEW 102.7 FM NY, as part of the change of the station from music to talk radio, and started in September. [fired 7/01] The rest is history.

Leslie Gold is a wiz in naming disco standards of the 1970s, and is the unofficial "queen of pussy rock." She is a big Aerosmith fan (though their Jan 2001 Super Bowl show with Britney Spears and company made her seriously question if they jumped the shark) loves and lusts after Lenny Kravitz (his version of "American Woman" is her show's theme song), and had six lovers. She will mention boyfriends on the air, including comments such as one bogarting all the bread at dinner. Gold also does not masturbate or go to bed without panties, and is uncomfortable when intimately approached by lesbians. She is 5'4, 110 pounds, a (lazy) 34D, using them as a management tool, but is very sensitive about her feet. Gold used to have a beloved (if decrepit) dalmatian named "Guido," but she finally put him to sleep (Butchy came to keep her company). She recently got a black Lab puppy, Tyrone. She loved "Sports Night," hates Kathy Lee Gifford and Hillary Clinton, and does not sing that well. Gold has a talking "Muffy," and finds her hilarious. She doesn't like children, lusts after Dr Drew, and cannot pose for Playboy without killing her mother. Finally, she has a temper, especially if she thinks someone is hurting the show. She currently lives in uptown Manhattan.

Paul "Butchy" Brennan: Producer/Homophobe

Paul Brennan was born in Boston about thirty five years ago (c. 1965) to Irish Catholics with some white trash leanings, as shown by their black "little man" lawn ornament. His teenage (the time of his start in radio, "The Kevin and Paul Show" broadcast in his underground studio aka his bedroom) and young adult years contained various criminal incidents, and up to fairly recently he had to go to a parole officer. He also changes price tags on items, thus threatening the livelihood of small store owners. Brennan also was married for a short time (after deciding not to break up) to a woman who did not allow him to eat peanut butter. He got the nickname "Butchy" from fellow radio employees as a joke a local criminal had the same name. Butchy worked with Leslie Gold in Boston, and was talked into (partly by her breasts, which he lusts after) to come to New York. His biggest claim to fame is throwing the Chick's bra at Kathy Lee Gifford, while she guest hosted for "Late Night with David Letterman."

Butchy was an early victim of balding, so decided to shave his head, even though it often looks pointy in pictures. He is an "average" guy who loves beer, women, sports, and "The Simpsons" (as well as the Three Stooges). Butchy often lusts after the Radio Chick, and the highlight of year had to be when she lost a bet and had to kiss him. He is a bit of a homophobe, unlucky in love, but willing to use some subterfuge to get laid. Butchy's idol is Ted Nugent. Butchy also has a bit of a temper, thus his nickname "Mount Butchy" and his habit of giving the instant feedback or the phone the finger. He currently lives in the Bronx, and comes downtown via express bus, apparently thinking the subway is too good for him. [With his new hours and digs, they now send a car to pick him up ... how he has risen in the world.]

Chuck Nice: Comedian/Sexual Chocolate

Charles Nice was born around the same time as Butchy (1966?) to a dog of a father (from which he got his style with the ladies) and educator mother in Philadelphia. He experimented with drugs in high school, is known for his "pimp hand" and experience with the ladies, as well as being a favorite of white people. Nice went to an all boy's high school, had a lot of potential, but obvious didn't do much with it. After having various jobs (including a management position), he decided to try his hand at comedy, and loved it. He had a bit role in "Philadelphia," was on the HBO show "Snaps," "Showtime At the Apollo" and "Uptown Comedy Club," and was a guest on the Opie and Anthony Show. When the Radio Chick needed a replacement for failed on air talent Mike Adams, O&A suggested Nice. He is married (after being friends with his wife Jessica for years) and has one baby daughter (Morgan), who he does love, no matter what he says.

Chuck has a bit of a problem drinking, especially at company parties, but in general (no alcohol, good looking women, wife etc in sight) is the calm one, who doesn't like confrontations. He also is a fan of "The Simpsons," The NY Yankees, and has a love/hate relationship with the Philadelphia Eagles. He is quite comfortable playing in gay clubs, believing (1) it's clear he isn't gay (2) the money is still good. Chuck has a somewhat uncomfortable amount of pleasure telling jokes about children having sex. He is not a big believer in gift giving, especially for "manufactured" holidays. Chuck is trying to quit smoking. He often covers his ass by saying "these just jokes," but one wonders. It is rumored that Chuck is the voice of "Muffy." Chuck currently lives in New Jersey.

The Show

  • I'm Turned On To The Chick: This page is in honor of my favorite radio show, the Radio Chick Show (in search of a new home) aka Leslie Gold. I was turned on to this show by a co-worker at my temp job in the lower regions of some big company in New York City, the typical listen ship to this Howard Stern influenced radio talk show. The co-worker, now apparently driving a truck somewhere (which is somewhat of a scary concept given the state he tended to be in), first introduced me and someone else to the Opie and Anthony Show (3-7), who are better known and have a longer history in the industry (they recently were in the WWF magazine and in Penthouse, high honors in their eyes, and were for a short time part of the [now defunct] XFL pre-game show). Both shows are enjoyable (and somewhat similar in content), but the Radio Chick is my favorite of the two. Let me tell you why, as well as the recent soap opera they were in the midst of.

  • The Show: Leslie Gold is a former owner of a glass business, who decided the best way to use her MBA from Harvard was to go into radio. After having some success in Boston, she was given a job in NY at WNEW for the 10-2 show (c. 9/99), as part of the station's switch from "the rock of NY" to an all talk line-up. She brought her (bald) producer Paul 'Butchy' Brennan, who also serves as a big part of the show -- providing the "average" guy viewpoint. Gold's show provides an amusing (and often off color) look at current events in entertainment, news, and the social scene. She includes a healthy amount of sexual issues in the mix, including many references (especially from Butchy, who lusts after them) to her large breasts. The comic Chuck Nice joined the show about half-way through, after the original comic voice (Mike Adams) came late once to often, as well as often not being prepared for the show. Fans can (once could) interact with the show via the phone and a type of instant message feature ("instant feedback") available on the WNEW website. Men with romantic problems can call for the special "Chick on Chicks" program on most Fridays.

    The three work together quite well, provide various insights (white, woman, guy, black, Jew, Irish, trailer trash, parent, etc), including being a bit more intelligent than other shows (Nice might prefer some low humor, but is well informed and clearly intelligent). It also is to be noted that though it has its share of gay shows (especially from Butchy), it is pro-homosexual as well, as shown by the gay (male) wedding they sponsored and homosexual fans of the show. Leslie Gold fits well into the station's new target audience of young males, since she is a woman comfortable about talking about sex (one popular segment includes interviews with "Muffy" aka her vagina ... outrageous? watch out for the child porn type jokes) and has an almost "masculine" point of view about things, though still deep down a woman in many ways. Therefore, Gold is an intelligent feminist woman, who still can appeal to guys, who are symbolically represented by Butchy, Chuck, and any male guest lucky enough to be able to be involved.

    This mixture of Howard Stern low brow humor and sex and a bit more discussion and serious comment (with the bunch doing their homework) is not only appealing to me, but to a potentially broader range of people (it was suggested by management the addition of a more mild listener base was problematic, not a beneficial broadening of the audience). This is good, since the 10-2 slot includes many people at work, stay at home moms, and others who desire slightly more than sex and gay jokes. Other shows of this brand of radio do have more to an extent, but many seem to emphasis a narrow range of subject matter. We still are not talking deep discussion here, and the tendency to simplify things at times is annoying (especially in areas I feel deeply about), but this is after all light entertainment. As such, it is enjoyable, while being a bit deeper at times than one might suspect.

    For instance, though the show spends a lot of time on light stuff like music, celebrities, 'water cooler' type talk on "Survivor," and sex/relationship articles found in magazines, now and then some serious stuff comes in. For instance, though I felt it was somewhat simplistic, the show offered a view of the last election that expressed what many were thinking. Also, a few callers are comfortable enough to tell rather serious stories, including one who discussed how she had a child as a result of an affair, and never told her husband about it. The woman actually was encouraged by the call to actually tell her husband. The fact she felt able to call the show suggests the degree of intimacy and trust the listeners have in CBC (not unique, but not as usual for such "shock jock" shows).

    The show compares well with others in its genre. Other shows highlight sex (often lesbians); the Radio Chick herself is a symbol of sex, and does a lot to share tidbits of her sexy self. Other shows have fans doing outrageous things. The Radio Chick herself did a pretty outrageous thing, when she went to the Late Night with David Letterman taping guest hosted by Kathy Lee Gifford, and Butchy threw her bra at the stage to protest the fact Kathy Lee was not wearing one at the time. Other shows have gung-ho fans with a lot of support for the show. The Radio Chick makes sure she keeps connected to the fans by reading and often responding to their E-mail. Other shows have a lot of staff to help out; the Radio Chick show has a very small one, largely the three on air personalities (before Chuck Nice came on, it was only two for a while). Other shows are a tad bit full of themselves, this show is more modest with Butchy in particular worthy of respect for his hard work and the amount of abuse (often deserved) he takes. All of this plus some outrageous humor, a bit of serious content, and her great voice makes a pretty good radio show.

  • Fired! I personally think the show is worthy enough to deserve much more than the respect and support it received from management. Other than Opie and Anthony, the Radio Chick is the longest and most successful show under the show's new format. It gets no advertising, has a poorly rated lead-in (one show did horrible and was replaced by a sports themed show not doing that well either; the company also owns the rights to Howard Stern, so does not want to put on say O&A as competition to their biggest draw), and no respect from the station's program director (Jeremy Coleman a.k.a. 'Beck,' since Leslie feels he bears a resemblance to the singer). A bit of support for a rising star, who is fairly new to the business, would be nice, though it was largely lacking. This was shown when the show was taken off the air without warning, right before the latest rating book showed it got a significant raise in the ratings).

    Why? Apparently, it was felt that the overnight show "Ron and" would do better in her time slot. The replacement would have somewhat similar content, but is aimed more toward young males, as well as those with access to computers to view the often off color websites their highlight. The stereotypical "gay" radio personality Fez uses suggests the audience base of the show, besides being rather annoying in my opinion ("gay" being used to mean stupid is a pet peeve of mine, as is an overdose of gay jokes in general). Anyway, they did well in their old time slot, might do pretty well in the 7-11 PM time slot, but I do not see them doing that well in middays. Surely, not any better than the Radio Chick, who is more naturally geared to listeners tuning in at that time. As the station played repeats of the Radio Chick, a lot of fans became rather angry by the fact not only did the show remove a successful and enjoyable show from the air, but it planned to replace it by a show logically not a great fit. After being plummeted by e-mails, letters, complaints to advertisers (a few who quit the station) and bigwigs at the parent station, finally the show came back on. A Save The Chick website had a big role in all of this with some help from coverage on the WB Channel 11 local news (which earlier profiled her and whose "radio diva" contest she won).

  • Problems Remain: Let it be noted that the situation was still not ideal. The new time slot (9-12) was not only an hour shorter, it clearly was one with more competition (namely, Howard Stern on 6-11), and deprived Gold of some of her target audience. After all, not only did many of her listeners switch from Howard Stern, but they listened at lunch (12-2) or late morning. Some might have to settle in and miss the beginning of the show (I for one used 9-10 to read the paper, settle in, etc, and only barely made it in to hear the opening of her first show back). Finally, the ratings sector the day in such a way that the shows before and after her benefit (as she did before since the 10-3 sector counted an hour of mostly repeats on O&A), so it is harder to really judge her true ratings. As a fan, it annoys me how a hard working show rising in the ratings (with little or no support from a program director, who sounded like an idiot when he came on their show and is hated by everyone) is rewarded by being fired and then giving a demotion. The fact that I prefer her show to others not similarly treated (some of which are still good) is particularly galling.

  • Fired Again! But Hopes Affirmed!: The problems made Leslie Gold's departure in July not that shocking, though it took me by surprise at the time. Butchy had already suggested in passing that the action re-hiring in January was really just a stay of execution, and one could feel the loss of energy on the show. What was a bit surprising was that Don and Mike, a nice if not really that funny or popular (in NY) due, replaced her instead of Ron and Fez (who many Chick fans enjoy, though I personally don't). D&M came on after a few last weeks of repeats, and I took to listening to the Classic Rock station Q-104.3 more and more. It turned out I did so not because the music was more enjoying than D&M all too often, but that I was psychic.

    It turns out as fans of CBC hoped and pined for the gang, Leslie Gold was discussing her terms and options with various stations, including 104.3. She wanted to stay in NYC, and her renovated apartment (if it truly was finished!) plus her ratings made such a stay worth fighting for. And thankfully to fans it turned out pretty well, since CBC got a new gig: 6-9 (hopefully 10 eventually) in morning drive with Bob Buchmann. Buchmann is 104.3's program director and morning dj. The new show (started 1/14/02) will have a combination of music and comedy, and the talk is that CBC will over time have a larger and larger role. For the time being, the hour and reduction in Chick airtime will be hard to take.

    Nonetheless, the move has various benefits. Leslie (and Butchy) have a clear spirtual connection to classic rock, as shown by various discussions (her love of Aerosmith is well known) and bits on the show. Second, the Q has a good reputation as an employer and as an intelligent place of business, as compared to the haphazard and backstabbing nature of WNEW these days. Also, CBC will have more room to grow and thrive at the Q without having O&A looking over their shoulders. They will not only be the resident morning drive comedy team, they will be the station comedy team. I do wonder how CBC's edgier material will be accepted by a station currently best described as "nice," but they had two years to be forewarned. Finally, a new start in a promising station will invigorate the gang without the BS of old haunting them.

    View from 3/25/03: The show seems safely in place with the gang now by themselves without Bob Buchman. Though the show is not as shall we say crude (in a good way, of course) as in the old WNEW days (WNEW btw is in transition with O&A gone for months now), but it was not in any significant way "tamed" or "toned down" either. The show is promoted throughout the day, something that was not done in their own station. The crew themselves seem comfortable and happy in their new home, used to starting bright and early, and accepting of the music/comedy format. They also at times seem to have more time for bits, which is good, since Chuck and Chick's talent in particular show when they have more time to handle things. I still missed the old format, and the show is on a lousy time, but the gang is still a nice to to listen to in the morning.

  • Why We Care: It seems to some that it is somewhat silly to be so concerned about a silly little radio show, but it is not all that surprising. The importance of talk radio has been well discussed, including the sense of connection it brings in a more fractured world. The Radio Chick Show in particular provides an amusing break from our humdrum workday lives, and does so in such a way that we feel there is a special kind of intimate relationship between the on air performers and ourselves. This is not only because they share their personal views and some of their personal lives with us, but in various ways clearly work hard and care about entertaining us. One knows that they basically love and care about what they do, and it shows.

    Furthermore, the listeners feel a type of connection and shared subculture via a Radio Chick "language" (e.g. "snapper" [what one says the moment one is sexually stimulated] and "atta boy/girl" [praise for an oral job well done]), references, and favorite callers (e.g. Jesus, 'Trucker Bill,' the woman who doesn't like the word "panties," etc). As one listener/caller noted, she felt "like I'm listening to neighbors now instead of strangers." Its a way to individually and as a group show their fun side mixed in with sex and perhaps some thoughts not seen as "politically correct." Some just are turned on by the host's body and voice, but still feel this almost intimate connection. It's not life and death stuff, but we who care about the show do so knowing it is justified and nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Furthermore, I say all of this while admitting the show wasn't all to my liking. At times, the Chick's biases on some topic (fat people, bisexual guys=gay/bisexual women=fun, her new theme song, etc.) annoy me. Some bits, including "The Chick on Chicks," at times are boring. The new 9-12 time slot cut down the show, though former interference from the evil program director (Beck) also interfered with the flow of the show, including the fun "news at 12" (or whenever she could fit it after 12) segment. Nonetheless, on the whole, I really liked the show. Chuck was often funny, the Chick added both t&a and a bit of intelligence to things, and Butchy was at times stupid, but always cared about the show. A great mix.