Living Outside the Box II

Life is a lot like the picture, isn't it?

Well, this here is my website. It's mostly meant for my poetry but there's a lot of other fun stuff too. Feel free to explore and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can e-mail me at or visit my Message Board . We can compare notes.

p.s.-i will periodically be adding more poems and maybe some other personal stuff so watch for change

"I am odd in all my normalities, and normal in all my oddities, so don't try to define me, you will only confuse yourself."~my own personal life quote

mi poetry--a.k.a-useless ramblings

Other Fun Stuff

melchelle got their NeoPet at other words (my journal)
A snippet on the author
hamsterdance<--it's so cute
and, if you like watching the hamsters, go here
there's also the jesusdance-make sure you read the lyrics to the plastic jesus song
Trapped-a poem by a friend

stuff i found whilst wandering the net...

portraits of female beauty
Feminism-and What it Means to Me

Recently a very good friend of mine passed away.
This is a memorium page that friends put on the net-we love you Kat