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Welcome to Alicia Mckenna's Home Page
 Fall, 99 Tech Prep

I am a senior at Murry Bergtruam High School in New York City and I love to understand things.  I can not go through life not knowing what is going on.  I am also the kind of person who is always prepared and I want the people around me or working with me to be prepared.  To me life is something you have to move with reguardless of what it might throw at you.  Your best bet is to work with what ever you get so that you know in your futher you can do anything. 

                                     Table of Contents

Project I: College Search
         1. My College Essay
            2. How is it like to do my college search in the internet?
              3. My Recommendation of the two colleges.
              4. My favorite colleg search links
Project II: '' The Allegory of the Cave'' by Plato
1. Interpation of "The Allegory of the Cave"
Project III: Oedipus

Project IV: Antigone

Project V: The Jungle

Project VI: Writing about New York Part One
Part Two

Project VII: Things Fall Apart

Project VIII: Macbeth

Project IX: SAT Prep