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Welcome to Crystal Foster's Home Page
Fall term '99 Tech Prep

    Hello, my name is Crystal Joi Foster . I'm 17 years old in the 12th grade, the class of 2000.
I am involved in a program at Murry Bergtraum, called Tech Prep. Tech Prep is a College preparatory program. My Area of concentration is Marketing. I want to be an Architect when I grow up. I love to draw, write, and go swimiming. On April 20th to April 27th, I went to Paris France with my school. It was a big experience for me. I was the first one on my block to go on a International Trip. Paris was my dream ever since I could say the word Paris. My dream came true, and I thank God for that! And I would like to thank my parents and my teachers that believed in me when everybody was looking down at me. I would like to say to all them people who looked down at me, you know what i'm getting out of school, going on to college, and i am going to be real sucessful in life, and where ya'll going to be? On the street doing nothing. Its time for me to have my fun, so i'm going to shine over all ya'll. So ya'll can hate, but I don't care!. You should never Hate, you should always Congratulate!

Table of Contents

Project I: College Search
   1. College essay
      2. How is it like to do college search in the internet
             3. My recommendations of the best two colleges
Project II:
  " The Allegory of the Cave"  By: Plato
Project III:
Project IV:
Project V:
The Jungle
Project VI:
Writing about New York-Part I

Project VII:
Project VIII:
Things fall apart
Project IX:
SAT Prep

If you would like to e-mail me to stay in touch, My email address is

Peace, Merci