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Welcome to Stacey Bledman's Homepage
Fall Term '99 Tech Prep
    Hello, as you already know my name is Stacey. I am a senior in Murry Bergtraum's Tech Prep program which is associated with FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). In my web page you will hopefully find different information about me and the way I view my opinion.
    This past summer I got a scholarship to study in Italy though The E.I.L. (Experiment in International Living)Program. Not only do I like travel but I like singing, dancing, church and any thing that will get me out of my house. I hope you enjoy what you read about my classmates and myself.
Table of Content

Project I: College Search
      1.My CollegeEssay
     2.How is it like to do college search in the Internet?
     3.My Recommendation of the best two college
Project   II:
" The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato
Project  III:
Project  IV:

Project    V:

Project  VI:
Writing about New York

Project   VII:
The Jungle

If you are interseted in learning more about me or Tech Prep  you can locate me at either or