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Welcome to Jacquelyn Lopez' Homepage
Fall Term '99 Tech Prep

Hi, I'm Jackie and now a senior at Murry Bergtraum High.  I love to write and hope to work in Advertising.  I love music, books, acting and anything having to do with the arts. I love Shakespeare and Victor Hugo.
My favorite place to go is Disney World and every once in a while me
and my friends terrorize the Disney Store on Fifth Avenue.  Remember all it takes is a happy thought, faith, trust and a little pixie dust.

This is my English Online Portfolio
You might find EYE CANDY pics along the way.
(Exclusively for the gurlz.)

Table of Contents

I.  My College Portfolio
            a.. Sample Essay
             b. My College Essay
              c. How it was like to do my college search through the Internet

II. Macbeth
            a. Act  I
             b. Act II
              c. Act III
               d. Act IV
                e. Act V

III.  Project Writing About Our Neighborhood I : Williamsburg, Brooklyn
          a. Rhythm and Darkness
           b. The Roof Top
            c. Early Morning Walk
             d. The People of El Barrio
              e.Trying in Brooklyn

IV. Project Writing About Our Neighborhood II: Work Ethic
            a. Timeline: History of Work Ethic
             b. The Collage Gallery
               c. From "Let Me Find Out...
                 d. William S. Burg

V. The Jungle
            a. Pre Reading Activities
              b. New ways of testing meat (research)
               c. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire(research)
                d.  The Knights of Labor(research)
                  e.  Movie Review: Norma Rae
                    f. The Jungle Collage
                      g.  Dialogue between Jurgis and Ona
                              h. Socialism and the Jungle
                          i.  Immigration
                            j. Literature Logs
                                1. Chapter 23
                                2. Chapter 24
                                3. Chapter 25
                                4. Chapter 26
                                5. Chapter 27
                               k.  Letter

VI. Career Portfolio
        a. Resume

Teacher : Ms. Bo Wu
Class: E7TP& E8TP