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 Welcome to Cindy Feliciano's Home Page
Fall term '99 Tech Prep

    Hello as you know my name is Cindy, I'm a senior at Murry Bergtraum High School, currently enrolled in a college preparatory program: Tech Prep.  I hope you find interest in my work.

Table of  Contents

Project I: College Search

                            1. College Essay
                           2. How is it like to do college search in the internet
                           3. My recommendation of  the best two colleges

Project II:    "The Allegory of the Cave" By: Plato

My Critical Analysis of Things Fall Apart

Project III: Oedipus

Project IV: Antigone

Project V:  The Jungle

Project VI: Writing about New York

Project VII: Changing Neighborhood

Project VIII: Macbeth

Project XI: Bridges.Com

To my viewers if you have any Question's or Comments Please