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"Welcome To Patricia Rodriguez Home Page Fall '99"
"Tech. Prep."
In this Home Page you will find Who am I? What I like? and What are my goals for the future? And many more things.

Who Am I ?

.This is just a small brief information about who am I?. What is most important you already know which is my name, but I also am a Latina of 16 yr.. old.  A student at Murry Bergtraum H.S.  This is my senior year so as I am learning how to do these things that will be useful for my future, you could take just benefit from this just go ahead.  Hope you get to learn more things about my goals and choices that will be helpful for you.  I will describe my self more as you keep on reading my topics. 

Table of Contents
Project I : College Search
 1.- My College Essay
2.- How is it like to do College Search in the internet?
3.- My Recommendation of the best two Colleges.

Project II:                                "The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato

Project III:                                              Oedipus

Project IV:                                                      Antigone 

Project IV:                                               Final I
                                                               Final II

Project V:                                                Macbeth

Project V:                                                           The Jungle

Project VI:                                             Timeline

 Project VI:                                             Writing about New York
                                                                                    Part II
                                                          Interview Questions
                                                              more Answers
                                                              Creative Piece

Project VIII:                                       Things Fall Apart

Project IX:                                                   SAT Prep