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Welcome to Eric's Homepage
Fall '99-2000  Tech Prep 
Hi and welcome to my website!  I grew up in Chinatown in New York.  My hobbies are collecting sports cards and playing basketball.  I have been collector of sports cards and comics since I was ten years old.  My family has always pushed me to have a strong work ethic and I think that I have upheld that so far.  This webpage represents my ability to do work in the Tech Prep English class.
Table of Contents

 The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Project I: College Search
    1.My College Essay
    2.How is it like to do college search on the internet
    3. My recommendation on the best two colleges

Project II: "The Allegory of The Cave" by Plato

Project III: Oedipus

ProjectIV: Writing about My Neighborhood Work Ethic

ProjectV : Macbeth

Project VI: The Jungle
               Pre-reading activities
                 The Jungle exam
                   Group Project

Career Opportunities:

My Resume

   Thank You For Visiting My Homepage