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         After careful consideration and months of research, I have narrowed down my choices to the best two colleges.  The two best colleges, in my opinion, are Hunter College of the City University of New York and New York University (NYU).
The selection was based on my own personal preferences as well as future college major.  I was looking for a university in the city which specialized in my specific major of elementary education.

        Hunter College is an excellent selection.  It is a well recognized school of the CUNY system and well reputable.  It has a very strong Liberal Arts curriculum as well as specialization in Education, Nursing, and Social Work.  My interest in Hunter sparked immediately after learning of their QUEST Program, an extensive curriculum for prospective urban elementary school educators.  Such a program is wonderful for my specific career interest.

        New York University is a magnificent University.  It is a very prestigious school with a very diverse population of students.  People from all over the world apply to NYU just to experience their great campus as well as the NYC life. NYU is an extremely selective university.  They base their admissions on many factors including a personal statement, high school rank, transcript, letters of recommendation, and an interview.  The university offers seven different schools such as the school of business, school of liberal arts, and school of education.  I became interested in NYU because of its great reputation and excellent programs.  Their school of education is ranked among the top in the US

        I basically narrowed down my choices with the advice of my parents and teachers as well as my own personal feelings.  I have been accepted into both Hunter College and New York University.  Now my final decision is very difficult to make because both schools are so great.