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Sense Appeal

See the fallen leaves on the concrete ground,
green, red, yellow, orange- an array of life.
See the small children skipping home,
mother behind with weariness all over.
See the elderly man, with his navy blue cap,
guiding our students across the bustling street.
See the neighbor rake his yard, with repetitive strokes
and the sound of a rhythmic scrape.
See my landlord paint our fence,
dressing it up with a new facade.
See as far as my eyes permit-
many trees, bare by now and an endless row of houses.
Feel the bitter, sharp winds
slicing through your cheeks and blowing through your hair.
Feel the sun's occasional warmth, see the sun's brilliant, golden gaze.
Hear parents call for their children,
dinnertime has arrived.
See the sun settle slowly behind the tree,
behind the houses and eventually beyond our sight.
See the street lamps light up,
as night besets us.
Hear the occasional sounds of passing cars,
and nothing else.
See the house lights cast shadows toward the
evening sky as families bustle around cozily in their homes.
Feel the calm, peaceful, safe ambiance.