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    Introduction To My Portfolio

I:  Pre-Reading Activities:
            - Describe a work experience that paid a wage or salary.

            - After describing the actual work, reflect on what was learned from the

            - Share your findings in small groups.  Use Discussion Forum

            - Unions and how they changed the workplace.

            -  Research online on "U.S. Proposes Stricter Ways to Test Meat" or information  that explains the permitted process of meat testing.

                - Speculations

II:  Portfolio
            -  A movie review: "Norma Rae"

            -  Original Research:  A current issue Sexual Harassment

            - Create a collage or drawing which illustrates a scene form the novel.

            - Essay  On the Impact of Upton Sinclair's Literary Work

            - A letter from one character in the United States assessing the situation and trying  to decided if the family would be better off returning to the "old country."

III: Jungle Exam

IV:  Group Work
      - Lit Logs
          - Research Paper
          - Discussion Forum/Group Process