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Hermes and Joral

         Everyone was talking about the Joral, the new thief in town.  The doors were locked, windows sealed, and the children kept inside.  Hermes, as the protector of thieves and vagabonds, felt that it was his duty to catch Joral.
        "Help! He stole my purse," yelled Maria from down the block.  Hermes looked but all he saw was a rapid, vague figure speeding by him.  Once again, Joral had escaped.  He was a very clever and vigorous criminal.
Joral was an abandoned child.  He had no family or home.  He spent his time robbing people for a living.  Joral enjoyed the risk of running away from Hermes because he believed that he could never be caught.  Joral was never taught any morals or values so he could not be entirely blamed for his actions.  Signs were posted up all over town warning people to be on the lookout for Joral.  The posters angered him so he stole out of anger.  Ten minutes later another robbery was committed.
        The next morning Hermes found a letter from Joral on his doorstep.  It read, "Hermes, if you are smart enough to beat me at my own game, I will turn myself in.  You have four hours."  Along with the letter were three clues on Joral's next robberies.  The clues were a money emblem, an illustration of a ring, and a wine bottle.
 Hermes was very befuddled with the three clues.  They made no sense.  He had to think hastily.  A money emblem, what could that possibly mean?  Money is related with the bank.  Joral's next crime will be robbing the bank!  Hermes ran outside to the Savings Bank.  He heard people screaming and saw a rapid, vague figure running away.
        Hermes walked back home and analyzed the second clue.  It was an illustration of a ring.  A ring is in a jewelry store.  Joral's next crime might be robbing the jewelry store!  Once again, Hermes ran outside and approached the jewelry store.  He saw shattered glass and frightened people.  Hermes turned his head and saw Joral rapidly running away from the scene.  Hermes ran after him but Joral was too fast and got away.
        Hermes went back home determined to capture Joral.  There was one clue and one hour left.  Joral would not escape this time.  The last clue was a wine bottle.  Wine had to do with Dionysos.  What could Joral possibly want with Dionysos?  Joral's last robbery was Dionysos' liquor store!  When Hermes got to the liquor store everything was serene and ordinary.  Joral had not arrived yet.  Hermes hid behind a wine rack until he saw Joral weasel into the store and hold up Dionysos.  Hermes ran to the cash register and pulled Joral down to the floor as he struggled.
        "How did you figure out the last clue?" yelled Joral.  "I guess I am smart enough to beat you at your own game, " said Hermes.

        With that, Joral's body was transformed into a turtle.  His hair fell off and his arms became legs.  His clothes became a protective shell and his running speed converted from very swift to very laggard.  Since that day, the turtle cannot run away from Hermes or anyone else.