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     How is it like to do college search on the Internet?

        Finding which college of the hundreds that exist which to attend is a very stressful situation that we as students have to experience.  The Internet is an excellent resource which can simplify the process by providing information on each of the colleges that exist.

        The Internet has hundreds of web sites for each college, scholarship, and many other sites useful for collegebound students as well as their parents.  I personally registered over the summer at, a free Internet based scholarship search.  Based on my own personal characteristics and information, Fastweb paired me up with many scholarships ranging from $100 to full paid tuition.

        The Collegeboard website,, is also an excellent website which provides excellent assistance in the college search as well as career search, SAT's and any other question related to college.  Websites such as the one's described above are very much appreciated as they help lessen the stressful feelings we experience once senior year rolls around.

        Other useful sites include,,,, and  The Internet seems to be a infinite source of accurate information which when used properly can result in excellent benefits.