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Project #2:  Allegory of the Cave

1. Who is Plato? What are some of his accomplishments? What impact does his
philosophy have on the comtempory society? Make at least one link to a site where
readers can learn about Plato and his philosophy.

2. In The Allegory of the Cave, Plato seems to discuss about truth, physics, aesthetics,

literary criticism, etc. (a) Do research and find three different interpretations of  Plato's
Cave. (b) List the links of each different interpretation to your web site with brief
annotations. (contemporary reading , discussing, and analyzing the text, describe your
interpretation in a 250 word essay. Explain why you draw such a conclusion.(The first draft
will be collected and read by me before you publish your final draft on the web)

        In life there are situations in which we are held down to certain harsh scenarios and then liberated toward salvation.  In "The Allegory of the Cave," Plato uses a symbolic story to teach a moral.  Symbolic events presented in the story are shadows, fire, and cave which illustrate in the outside world the truth, a facilitating force and the source holding you back.
        Love can be used as an example of an allegory story. When one has been held "captive" in the "cave" of love and only sees the world between oneself and the partner, one is not revealed to the outside world.  You will be so dazed and infatuated that you will cover your ears and close your eyes and follow your feelings blindly.  No matter what outsiders say, if you have not yet escaped, you will not understand.
        Plato uses chains as a symbol of the object holding back the prisoners from seeing beyond the shadow into reality.  In love, the chains represent your partner who is holding you back.  You may have deep feelings within yourself to leave an abusive relationship, but the "chains" are holding you back from leaving and seeing the real, caring world.  A second element used in "The Allegory of the Cave" is the walls where the shadows were seen.  The prisoners only saw the shadows cast by the fire against a wall.  In the outside world the walls represent reality and society who is standing there to illustrate the joy one can experience once you are liberated from the cave.

    3. Explain how this allegory  has changed your way of thinking?(from your reading log?)
4. If there was one thing you have learned from the "Cave" and would like to apply it to
your life, what would it be and why?

For more information about the project please go to the Tech Prep Project site.