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Welcome to Marlin's Home Page

Fall '99 Tech-Prep



    I am Marlin Nunez, a senior at Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers.  I am an honors student majoring in marketing.  My future goals include pursuing a career in elementary education.  In the fall I will be attending college.


Table of Contents

Project I:           College Search

                               1.  My College Essay

                               2.  How is it like to do college search on the Internet?

                               3.  My recommendation of the best two colleges

Project II:          " The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato

Project III:         Oedipus

                                1.  Exam
                                2.  Essay
                                3.  Dialogue

Project IV:       Antigone

                                1.  Journal
                                2.  Point of Views

Project V:        The Jungle

                                1.  Introduction To My Portfolio
                                2.  Pre-Reading Activities
                                3.  Portfolio :  Movie Review - "Norma Rae"
                                                        Research: Sexual Harassment
                                                        Jungle Exam
                                                        Group Work/Presentation

Project VI:       Writing About My Neighborhood Part 1

                                1.  Poem

                                2.  Story

                                3.  Observational Journals And Reflection

                                4.  How My Heart Remembers

                        Writing About My Neighborhood Part 2

                              1.  History of the Work Ethic

                              2.  What is work ethic?

                              3.   Interview Questions

                              4.  Creative Writing Piece 1

                              5.  Creative Writing Piece 2

                              6.  Creative Writing Piece 3

                              7.  Work Ethic In My Family

                              8.  New York City

Project VII:   Macbeth

                           Act 1

                           Act 3

                           Act 4

                           Act 5

Book Reviews:

                          Things Fall Apart

                          The Metamorphosis

                          The Bluest Eye

Creative Writing Pieces

                             1.  Confusion In the Eyes

                             2.  Hermes and Joral

                             3.  Sonnet

Project X:         Career Portfolio

                              1.  Cover letter

                              2.  Resume