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My Story

Hello ok below is my unfinished story...if anyone has
any ideas or anything on how the story should really begin or
feel free to email me...if you happen to hate my story
so far thats ok to..just dont fill my mail mail up with
emails telling me how much you hate it..ok thanks..

It was a warm night in the midst of summer, feeling so alone she wandered with no direction down dimly lit street in the city on the lower side of town. Not knowing or caring what fate had instore, people passing, there faces hardly visible there bodes like floating corpses passing me in the ghostly gray fog. She come upon a night club , she never seen this place before , people standing and staring , but not at anyone or anything . in the door as she passed she saw a man his eyes cold as ice , yet warm as embers of hot coal . her blood is burning , she walk by but was drawn to him with a lust she have never known , she turn and go back ,the man is no longer in the doorway. she find my way to the bar ,she order a double bourbon to calm my nerves . Is this man a figment of her imagination or is he real ? she lean back against the wall hopping to make sense of it all watching him with wide curious eyes as he smoothly just glided across the dance floor over to the bar.shaking her head slightly still overwhelmed and a bit nervous, she glanced around ,the music exploding from every direction,swaying slowly to the music she lifted her head to see if the mysterious man had return yet,just as she looked up her sparkling emerald eyes got caught within his deep endless hynotic pools of blue,he flashed her a killer smile,suddenly she noticed he wasnt alone he had a girl by his side,she turned her gaze upon the woman and noticed she reeked of alcohol and she had a fleshly light cigarette in her hand,she snapped out of her daze hearing the woman giggle at the man,she glanced over to the mans left side and noticed he also had a tall young man with him who looked extremely tired and bored,the mysterious man pushed the man other to her startled she stumbled backwards..the young man grabbed her hand to stop her from falling and smiled warmly at her,her eyes never leaving the other mans mesmerizing gaze that he had upon her as if waiting for her to say something..with in a flash the dark man turned to the redheaded women with the cigarette and reached up and grabbed her slender neck with such ease lowering his head down to her pale flesh he begins kissing her neck,she watched him intrigued by this, her eyes widened as she noticed a single drop of blood race down the womans neck and over her heaving breast,she heard the woman moan softly, she glided her tongue over her plush crimson lips as she watch the man erotically feasting upon the woman.her hungry slowly growing her eyes flashing with passion and deep desire

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