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Maybe if we all just stopped looking only at the outside
we could find the beautiful which lives inside
if we could only open are eyes
and stop pretending we dont hurt
stop acting as though we dont bleed
stop trying to hide are tears
stop dening are fears
stop acting as though we just dont care

I thought I heard you crying the other day
I thought you had loved me
I thought you could have really cared
should my heart break again
would it ever really heal
would the tears be able to stop falling
would my hatred only grow stronger
would my words only turn bitter
was love meant to be like this

I thought I knew what love was
but will I ever really know
how it feels

Theres no turning back
the shadows have blocked my path
the silence begining to devour me
misery closing in on me
no words left to comfort
the lonely soul
the image having vanished
everything becoming a blur
did I only think I heard you cry out to me
sleep would be my savior
but has been stolen from me
dreams only a fading memory
pain piercing my heart
tears cutting away at me
thoughts tormenting me
endless daze
lost within your lies
confusion settling inside
without you nothing feels right
without you I just can not fight
without you I just die every night
whispering out for you
take me with you
or leave me here to die tonight
agonizing thinking of that thought
pieces of my happiness slipping from my grasp
your not here
the suffering just becoming more intense
hopes just evaporate

Hollow inside
for I can no longer feel your touch
to numb to be able to return your kiss
screaming inside well my heart breaks
your words cutting at my flesh
bleeding my love for you
but you never knew

No longer able to sleep
shut out
stranded in the cold
all alone
no one to hold

Lost and lonely
confused and hurt
I hear your endless cries for help
I reach out to you
to hold you tight
and tell you everything in the end will be alright
should the night never end
just know I will be your friend
I will be your shoulder to cry upon
I will be the one to wipe the tears from your eyes
I will be the strengh you need to make it though the day
I will be here when no one else is
your in my heart
and in my thoughts
I'll be there when your world completely falls apart
and help to pull it back together
why because I just happen to love you
because I'll be you friend
when you feel like its the end
and your life is crumbling yet once again
I'll hug you and try to help you back up upon your feet
to know theres more life left to live
to know that someone does truely care

Endless tears
falling from lonely eyes
try to reach yet just a little bit to far
I love you's seeming more painful
hearts aching
lips begging
to be able to touch just once more
arms out to embrace
finding only an empty place
whispers dancing around
teasing the distressed soul
nights just becoming more sleepless
nightmares seeming only to appear
agony seeping farther into where the pain awaits
just standing there in a daze
screaming out silently in rage
no one to hear the cries
only another lonely heart
is waiting on the other side of the mirror
crying out too
only for you.......

The image in the mirror becoming more of a blur
tears fading to the skin
staining the soul that lays within
aching to be just what you wanted me to be
wishing I could only stop the all the pain
screaming out your name
trying to make my way to you
yet only becoming more lost
trapped in the emptiness
echo's of your voice surround me
losing myself
in your words
drowning in the saddness
that seems to keep on pulling me back down

Forever ending so abruptly
tears not falling fast enough
chasing after dreams that have faded
grasping finally that nothing ever last
why was I so stupid
to think forever ment today,tomorrow,for the eternal life
blinded by you
never seeing the world crash around me
so wrapped up in your eyes
holding on to your every word
I had place them to my heart
but today my heart has died
now I see how much of a fool I was
yet I still am lost within you
you have let go of my hand
but memories keep me here
trying to just reach you once more
wishing you'd wipe my tears away
stop this unbearable heartache

Dreams are the only place we can meet
no longer can I hold you close
unless it is in this vision in my head
for i can never really feel it..
dreams are my escape from this vacant reality
dreams are what for only momentarily push my pain aside
dreams are now my only reality
for I can not live in this world no more
I can not indure this pain and suffering this world brings
dreams are my only savior
only in my dreams can love exist
for in real life its always just out of my fingertips reach
dreams are where the insane are sane
the bleeding feel no more pain
tears stop when you enter the door to your dreams...

time is slipping through my hands
my tears are fading into my skin
the pain is tearing me to tiny shreds
angry is consuming what is left
you see none of this because you left blinded
love no longer has a meaning
love is just a word to conceal a true feeling
words no longer help me to smile to see a brighter day
I have a feeling of numbness
a feeling of hurt that I would rather disguse into anger
the closeness I once felt is disappearing fast before my eyes
the only thing I can do is slash out
your never there to hold me when I feel the stings of tears
your never there when I can finally turn my frown upside down
as you are not here now to hear my words