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More Poems

"Lost Cries"
Forever not looking so far away anymore
hopes trampled by despair
cries of loneliness only seem to fill the air
that has began to swallow me whole
dripping with fear
crimson tears
stained with misery
tainted and soiled
used and abused
broken hearted nothing left to gain
nothing more then the silent pain
hollow eyes drained of life begging to end this fight
agony seeping from my skin
withering away simply just fading more with every passing day

Heartache cutting away and the delicate flesh of my soul
tears sending shrivers down my spine
paranoid glances watching out for others eyes
sometimes voices dancing around in the back of my mind
surrounded by so much emptiness inside
whispering secrets seeming to pass me by
making me feel like i am kind of dead inside
trapped in a world of hate and greed
yet lost some where in between
calling for anyone just to help set me free
from all this damn pain and agony
mirrors reflecting so many memories
pictures drained of their colors
hearts made only of paper instead of steel
time slipping through open hands
desperately trying to grasp just one more moment of happiness
one more smile that never could last
one more laugh that made my heart continue to beat
one more hope that got shattered upon this path
dreams spiraling out of control
crumbing into the unknown
forever lost in the eternal oblivion
blaming no one but myself
for all this loneliness I seem to see
why couldnt it just have been me?
torn in two I never really knew what to do
should I run and hide
or should I continue fighting to survive
in a world who never appreciated the beauty of a single tear
a beating heart
a moment filled with complete silence
that single moment that someone is willing to give it another chance

"The One Wish"
I wish for only a moment of peace
for I no longer can wish for happiness
it has passed me by long ago
I just stayed in my lost hopes
waiting for it to return
so I could remember what it feels like to smile again
to remember what it feels like to be held again
to know what it feels like to ever be loved
but only sadness and pain come to me
I play a losing hand in this game

Cut my heart in two
never caring what you do
never seeing the pain you put me through
hatred burning inside
from all the hurt I had tried to hide
now alone again
memories my only friend
tears stinging my skin
wishing I could end it
having bought all your lies
now I am just left here dying inside

Silent I miss you's fill my head
empty cries sometimes make me wish I were dead
powerless in your arms
lost within your mysterious eyes
nothing you say could ever be wrong
for it's love which makes me grow strong
loving you more everyday
yet I feel like I have lost my way
could it be maybe you dont feel the same
could it be that wasnt passion trapped behind your eyes
could it be I imagined it
could it be it was all only lies
memories slipped right passed me
left me empty inside

"Without You"
Hollow inside
twisted from pain
morbid thoughts fill my brain
tears dripping from my eyes
heart tearing in two
which I hide from you
agonized over the love I felt for you
left in my own misery
my own hell
I am lost without you

Should the time come
when there is no one..
should the tears finally stop falling
should the wounded heart mend
should the endless hatred disappear
I dwell in every yesterday
misery the only companion I have left

Such a mystery you are
could that be saddness behind your eyes
could it only be lies
should I even bother to try
to touch you
should I reach out
should I call your name
would you hear my silent cries

You utter but of the sweetest of words
making my cold heart turn warm
yet bring tears to my never dry eyes
with but a smile upon my lips
should it be true
should you never leave
my soul yours to take
yours to claim for your own
no more pains
and endless days
and beautiful nights
held forever in your arms

The dream I see is no longer what I thought it would be
looking in the mirror
wondering what has become of me
is that pain I feel
or is that hate making its way up
should I cry
could you hear my pleads
the world has become so dark and dreary
where has all the light gone
where has my love gone
was he never really there
did I only in vision what I had wanted to be
could he never really see me??

"Can You See"
Can you see me bleed the reddest of reds
can you taste my tears bitter yet sweet
can you feel me tremble in your arms as if I were wishing
myself no more harm
can you hear my silent pleads for help
can you feel my endless pain
can you see that I am living in all of yesterdays
do you know why I allow myself all this pain