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My Poems & Thoughts Cont.

"Trapped Souls"
Eyes pierced through to the soul
mutter words filling this empty part
entwined fingers and beating hearts
minds trembling with impure thoughts
the thought of lingering only a moment more
to hold that longing glance
to feel your heart beat just one more time
to see your sweet lips mouth the words
that fill my heart
I'd give anything for just one more embrace
one more memory to hold in its place

"Only Left To Hate"
Molded and formed only hate
love was never a part that I should have tried to be
love is something that just wasnt meant for me
pushed those I love farther away
when I let my guard down
and thought maybe today I could learn the right way
fear and shame hold me here
yes they are something that blocks my heart
never shall I try to love again
for my heart was left in your hands
as mangled and tainted as it was
yes it was yours and yours alone
sorry for the things I've said
sorry for the things I've done
I warned you never to love the poisoness one
I am sorry I pulled your heart out and torn it apart
I am sorry that I could even doubt
I didnt mean to
I never meant to hurt anyone
if anything I wanted to help make others happy
but in doing so I seem to only hurt them
it was never meant to be so hard
it was never meant to hurt so much
I never thought loving could tearing someone so apart
if you knew how much I loved you
maybe things would be different today...
never did forever end so soon
sorry for everything
wish I could take it all back and do it over again
make what I did right
but I cant
its to late that is now the past
all I have left is the future
which shortly I fear comes to an end
for I have torn out my heart and left it with you
I have lost my soul I think when I lost you
pain and sorrow are that is left
misery's child
for that is what I have become

"Lost Grip"
The only one I had left has gone away
my grip slipped now he is gone today
tears falling like the rain
thoughts so warped
heart so torn
all my own fault
maybe I was the one who let go first
nicotine stained fingers
tear slashing away at my skin
alcohol making me grow numb
no one ever believing what I said could have been true
no one ever seeing the desperation in my eyes
to be set free
death being the only key

I was lost in you
but I guess you never knew
the love I felt for you
I guess you never heard my words
I guess you never felt my warm embraces

You told me I shouldnt have came
you told me I wasnt mean to be here
you told me you never could really care
you utter the words my heart couldnt dare to hear
you broke it and tore it into two
I should have known what would have become of this
but yet I was just foolish
I never should have listened to your lies praying they were true
I truely never should have loved you

"Muffled Cries"
I hear cries in the night
I reach out trying to help
but when I open my eyes no one is there
where has everyone gone
was it wrong for me
to call out your name in my sleep
was it wrong for me to want someone near
the dark is starting to appear
the silence is surrounding me
the shadows creeping up behind me
I close my eyes in fear
wishing someone was near
the whispers growing louder in my very ear
should I try and hide my fear
I know they are getting closer
I know its my only single fear
but yet no one is here
should the world end this way
should I just give in
the loneliness inhaling me

"Never Changes"
I close my eyes for a moment in time
in hope to find
whats holds me here
should things ever change
should the sadness ever go away
what would be left to replace it
would it mean my end
would one be there to hold me in my last waken hours
would I see one more smile before it to is torn away

"Only Memories"
I keep only seeing yesterdays
inhaling only memories
dreams my only escape from such a vacant reality
empty with only shame
why couldn't I have just stayed the same
why did everything have to go and change
lost my way from which path I was on
trapped in what is oblivion
searching for any kind of hope
there's no one here to blame
but yet there's nothing left to gain
could sorrow be my only friend
the silence tormenting my soul
racking my brain trying to stop the agonizing pain
piercing my heart
driving me insane
still wondering why things couldnt have stayed the same
tear stained cheeks
and trembling lips
fading glimpses at what I thought were my dreams

"Lonely Tears"
There's nothing left
to warm my heart
the single touch
the sweet whispers
the loving smiling
and gleaming eyes
all have vanished
simply just went away
could it be that you dont love me anymore
could it be I was just imagining it all
just another vision in my head

Empty and frigid
a heart of nothing but stone
eyes blank and emotionless
words so harsh and cold
that chill even the warmest of hearts
soul of the darkest kept secrets

Bitter and cold
sitting here left all alone
there's no longer anyone to call my own
why did I love you
why did I allow you to hurt me so
could be that I am that afraid of being alone

I thought I had loved you
I thought we belonged together
I thought that love would last
but yet it only faded fast
time is only a memory
long forgotten
you are now in the past
so tell me how does it feel...
to know that we would have never lasted

Could it have ever lasted
why do you torment me so
why do you play with my emotions
why do you play me for a fool
why do you not see just what you put me through

"Screams For Anyone"
I thought today would be different
yet the emptiness swallowed me whole again
the heartless surround me
I happened to lose myself along the way
I scream out anyone's name
to find no answer
the sky is full of darkness
a endless black hole
where has all the light of the day gone to

I stand at the edge waiting for you to return
like said you would
I watch the sky be drained of it's life
I hear the ocean cry out in pain
the waves roaring as they try to escape
the leaves whispering dark secrets

My Love has gone away
theres nothing I could ever do
there's nothing I could ever say
to have made you stay
my love has just slipped away
my heart growing numb
my eyes getting teary
my soul becoming weary

Should I ever love again
could my heart beat again

How I love thee
how you just couldnt see
how we were never meant to be
how we just were to empty inside
eternity of loneliness

Your words like knifes
cutting away at my very soul

I choose you for eternity
I choose you for my very own
should you cry I would feel it to
should you die for I would die too

I screamed out your name
but the echo just sent a ringing in my ears
lost and lonely
as the soul cries inside
you could have never been
who I wanted you to be
you couldn't have love me the way
I needed to be
you were nothing

The day always looks brighter in someone else's eyes...