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People Suck

Last Updated:August 14,1999

Hi its me again..yeah your probably saying many damn pages does
this girl have..well me and a friend were talking and the "People Suck" subject
poped up and I wouldnt that make a good page
well any how I figure at worse I'll just get some hate emails or rude comments
but I can live with that..I am use to it..

Something that really irks me is that people ask stupid questions...
questions they know the answers to..then you think why the hell was I just asked that
Then there are those annoying people whom of which are always happy
its like a smile is glued on their one in there right mind
can always be happy..unless they are on a lot of drugs lol maybe I should try that
Oh yeah.. and why if you suddenly get quiet something has to be wrong
what?? In this world today we can no longer have a moment of peace to think
to just clear our minds..

Oh yes also those people who try to force God upon those who either
have no religion or who believe in Satan..or whatever their reason is
but yet those people whom are so devoted to God(which personally I
nothing wrong with believing in God,but dont force someone else to)
insist on telling you God is the only one who can save you..
Maybe they rather save themselves.... hmm wonder if the God people ever thought of that
or maybe they are happy in their sadness..for some are..
for some its their only dont try to take it away..
just be there to listen when they need you....

Another thing that irks me.. those annoying people who come
in a chatroom and try to act like your best friend and like
they really care about you..when really they know nothing about you
and are just more or less being noisy..True there are a few that really are
genuine..and do really wish to help because they hate to see others suffer
maybe because they suffer themselves..or know how it feels to hurt
but most dont care..most you'll never see again..

I also hate those annoying people who come in the room and
just lie so you feel bad for them...or to just get you to like them
then you find out later it was all a big lie and you were the fool..

Ne0spikex and Blooddropx<~~~~~This Girl Sucks...She copied My old
xvtearsvx AOL profile exactly except for she changed Babydoll to Baby Spike
so if you talk to her Tell her off...Because I know I am going to..
she just to stupid to think of her own words she had to steal Mine..
I pity her that she doesnt have thoughts of her own...
That to me is a person who truely Sucks!

Another kind of person who sucks is..those people who only befriend
you for information on others..they never really care to be your friend
the only want the information..well..why dont you just go out and ask
that person instead of trying to get information out of others...
yeah you Can all hate me now...cause you know what it doesnt matter
cause only a coupled ever really cared..and those few I thank
you from the bottom of my heart and hope we will always be friends
because I may not say it but I cherish the fact that your honest
and there through thick and thin..someday when you truely need
me I hope I can help you...all my love to those whom are
true friends...The world is filled with so many fake people
I hope when I leave this place where ever I go..I really
hope there will be no more fake people..for I dont think I
could handle it...