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Remember Me

ďFind myself all alone
In darkness without you
Now I canít turn away
From what I must do
You know Iíd give my life for you
More than words can say
Iíve shown you how to love someone
I know youíll find away.
(lyrics: Remember Me, by Journey>

Jason sighed as he glanced at the calendar. Alexandria, or Alex as he sometimes called her, would be home from college for her first break. He hadnít seen her since she left for school in August. They had said their good-byes and promised to remain friends. Jason was excited, they were best friends before they were a couple and were even closer now. He couldnít wait to see her. In the back of his mind though, Jason wondered if things would be different between them since the break up, but he wasnít going to stress over it.

~ ~ ~ ~

2 weeks later Ö

Alex looked around as she exited her dorm. She spotted his car in the parking lot but didnít see him. Alex jumped as someone suddenly tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around to see Jason standing there with a smile on his face. Alex dropped her bags on the ground and hugged him. She was glad she had asked Jason to come and pick her up instead of her parents. When they finally let go of each other Jason grabbed Alexís bags and they headed to the car. The two talked the entire ride home. Jason was silently thankful that things hadnít really changed between them in the last few months.

Alexandria was home for 4 days, 3 of them were spent with Jason, just like old times. When it was time for Alex to go back, Jason agreed to drive her so they would have a little more time together. After saying their good-byes one more time Jason realized his mistake. He still loved her, or at least thatís what he thought. Alex was his first serious long-term relationship. His life changed so much when he met her. Things had been tough at home and he didnít really know how to deal. He usually stayed by himself and didnít interact with many people, he was basically a loner. Jason had noticed Alex on the first day of school. He just didnít have the guts to approach her. Alex noticed Jason not too long after that. She didnít approach him right away because e was a junior and she was only a freshman.

One day at lunch Jason happened to look up and say Alex heading his way. He was kind of surprised that she came over to him, people usually avoided him.

Jason and Alex hit it off pretty well and a friendship quickly developed. After a few months the two were inseparable. Jason had developed feelings for her and decided to ask her out. Sure enough Alex said yes. Things started to turn around for Jason. Alexandria brought out the best in him. He was able to handle things better and he found out what caring was all about. She was the best thing that happened to him.

~ ~ ~ ~

As Jason thought about the last 2 years he realized that he never should have let her go. Things could have worked, she was only 2 hours away, it wasnít that far. Jason decided to think things through before saying anything to Alex. He needed to know for sure that his feelings were still real.

Over the next few weeks Jason tried to put Alexandria out of his mind for awhile. Each time he though he had successfully done so he would speak to her or her name would be mentioned. Jason realized that he was actually still in love with her, there was no getting around it.

Christmas arrived a few weeks later and Alex was home again. When they first saw each other Jason said nothing about his feelings. Him and Alex decided to do some of their Christmas shopping together. After spending half the day at the mall they decided to split up for awhile. Jason didnít know what to get Alex this year. It was a lot easier to shop for her when they were a couple. As he walked around looking in stored a sign advertising a special sale in the jewelry store caught his attention. Jason looked around the store and finally found a locket that would be perfect for her. He didnít waste anytime thinking about it, he just bought the locket. He put an engraving on the back so that she would never forget him. Jason quickly put the locket box in one of the other bags so Alex wouldnít see the bag. They met up again a few minutes later and headed home.

The next few days were hard on Jason. He still wasnít sure how Alex felt. They talked but he wasnít able to pick up on anything. Christmas finally came, but he wasnít able to see Alex because they each spent Christmas with their families. It wasnít until 6 days later, on New Yearís Eve, that they finally saw each other.

Jason took Alex out for a quiet romantic dinner. After the restaurant they went back to Jasonís so they could be alone. Alex gave Jason his present first. It was a small black jewelry box with a heart on the top corner. When he opened it he found a cracked heart that read ďBest Friends ForeverĒ on the front. The back of each half had their initials. Jason gave her a thank you kiss and went upstairs to get her present. He decided that he was going to tell her how he felt tonight. Before giving her the present Jason put a CD in the stereo and turned it on. Alex could hear that they both use to love, REMEMBER ME by Journey. As the song played Jason handed Alex the box. She gasped when she saw the locket. Jason took it out and turned it over so that she could read the back. As she read it she began to cry.
ďAlex, Iíll love u 4ever. JasonĒ.
Jason knew the time was right to ask her.

ďAlexandria, what the locket says is true, Iíll love you forever and I hope you will do the same. I made a mistake when I said we might be better off as friends, weíre not. We are better as a couple. What Iím trying to say is will you go out with me again?Ē

Jason took a breath as he watched Alexís face and waited for an answer.

ďFirst of all, I love the locket, thank you. Iím actually very surprised, yet relieved that you feel this way. I still love you too. These last few months with out you have been very had. I was just too afraid to tell you since you were the one that thought weíd be better off as friends. I never stopped loving you Jason and it kills me not to be with you. We were meant for each other and it was fate that brought us together.Ē

Thatís all Alex needed to say, Jason knew her answer. They dated for 3 years and were meant to be together once again. Jason and Alex spent the rest of New Yearís together and enjoyed the night. Both of them were very happy to be together once again and knew that it was right.

(to be continued ..... possibly)

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