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Freshman Year

We started back in August, shy and uncertain of what
was to come.

Bombarded by new surroundings, things and people,

We gave a casual hello and smiled at people as we
moved our things down the hall.

Slowly we began to talk to these people and
friendships began to form.

At first it was talk of home and plans for the weekend,

Then as the semester rolled on, it became plans for
Christmas break.

Before we knew it our first semester was over.

We had survived.

Christmas break came and went, and we were beginning a
new semester.

Time picked up it’s pace and tried to shorten our fun.

Spring break came, then Easter,

Before we knew it we were in our last week of classes.

Our last weekend on campus as freshman has arrived.

As we held our last movie night, we think about what
this year has brought;

The many events, car rides, late night talks, dances,
laughs, tears, and most of all the close friendships
that have developed through it all.

The last day of finals arrives.

We pause for a moment and take one more glance around
the room which we called home for the last nine months,

The door is pulled closed and locked, as the memories
of our first year are locked up in our minds.

Thinking of all the fun we’ve had and what’s to come,
next year does not seem so far away anymore.

By Kimberly Allison Cahill