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Thank God I Found You

(by Mariah Carey Featuring Joe & 98 Degrees)




I would give up everything

Before I'd separate

Myself from you

After so much suffering

I finally found unvarnished truth

I was all by myself

For the longest time

So cold inside

And the hurt from the heartache

Would not subside

I feel like dying

Until you saved my life



Thank god I found you

I was lost without you

My every wish and every dream

Somehow became reality

When you brought the sunlight

Completed my whole life

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude

My baby I'm so thankful

I found you


I will give you everything

There's nothing in this world

I wouldn't do

To insure your happiness

I cherish every part of you

'Cause without you beside me

I can't survive

Don't want to try

If you're keeping me warm

Each and every night

I'll be alright

Because I need you in my life




See I was so desolate

Before you came to me

Looking back I guess

It shows that we were

Destined to shine

After the rain, to appreciate

The gift of what we have

And I'd go through it all over again

To be able to feel this way