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Welcome to KeChMe Productions' CenterStage!  This site is designed to introduce KeChMe Productions, a self-publishing venture by a semi-interested college student who calls herself Kechme (what other people call me is irrelevant.

Author, poet, artist, -- Kechme tries to do it all when the spirit  moves her. Kechme web-publishes under the name K-Nice (aka what other people call me.) She has currently written a collection of over 200 poems, many of which can been seen on her poetry archive. To view poetry by K-Nice and the other poets she hosts, visit NiceWorld.  K-Nice also has a secret vice for comic books. Being it's her only secret vice, she doesn't mind nuturing it. In her appreciation for  the characters, K-Nice has taken to writing her own stories about them. Visit WatchGuard HeadQuarters to view her FanFiction selections.

The most important part of CenterStage is its spotlight on Kechme's original writings the things she longs most to publish. In that vein, her short-stories, essays and poems are here for your enjoyment and criticism (FEEDBACK!!

In The Pit, Poetry reigns supreme. Check out Kechme's more introspective (weird) pieces and learn more about her vision for her future anthology.

Short-stories are Kechme's first love, but time and life seem to keep her from writing them. Enter BackStage for a glimse of both finished and unfinished pieces. Until Kechme gets access to a decent scanner, her pencils and paints will not be posted here. However, her computer generated art (don't get too excited, I've only got MSPaint to work with here) is available for view at Scenary.


MORE about KeChMe Productions

KeChMe Productions is just an idea longing to be incorporated. When school's over and life's stable, KeChMe maybe becoming to a bookstore near you (if I happen to be there myself and beg politely.) For now, you can also visit my brother Joel on a Roll.


Kechme at a Glance


Kechme is a National Achievement Scholar, a National Merit Scholarship Finalist and graduated Magna Cum Laude from her upstate NY high school. She currently attends community college where she is studying Dental Hygiene.


Kechme works part time as a co-op for an insurance company in their finance department and for a dental office as a file clerk.

Personal Milestones

12/24/94 -- Kechme becomes an ordained minister.
9/1/97 -- Kechme enters a volunteer ministry for 90 (now 70) hours a month.
6/23/98 -- Kechme is a speaker at her high school graduation.
8/98 -- Kechme attends special training for volunteer ministers.
2/3/99 -- Kechme starts her first web-publishing venture - WatchGuard HQ.




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