Jake In Progress

The 2nd season of Jake In Progress will premiere on Monday, January 9th at 9:30 PM

ABC schedule info released by ABC, May 17th:

Jake In Progress will return to ABC for it's 2nd season, starting in January 2006. The show will air in a NEW day and timeslot, Monday's from 9:30-10 PM, following the new sitcom Emily's Reasons Why Not. This season will be 1 episode a week instead of the 1st season's 2, and it will air for 13 episodes. The show is part of ABC's new Monday night midseason lineup, following Monday Night Football, when it ends in January.

THANK YOU to everyone who wrote. e-mailed, and called ABC to show your support for the show!!

Jake In Progress needs your support again! ABC keeps delaying airing more episodes, and so far only 1 episode of the 2nd season has aired! Please tell ABC your thoughts and show some support for John and the show! Thanks!!

Here's how:

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The show revolves around John's character, Jake Phillips, a New York City based publicist to the stars.

In the 2nd season, Jake's fiancee Annie has returned (new cast member Charlotte Ross) and Jake's old college friend Mark is also back in his life (new cast member Dondre Whitfield). Jake's other friends are still there too, including single mom and boss Naomi, best friend Adrian, and former magician friend Patrick, who now works in a bakery.

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