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i SeE yOu

if you wanna add this banner to your page e mail me and ill hook you up with everything!!

JuMp pAgeS~~>
moSt recEnt upDate iS at tHe bOttoM
Update UpDate UpDate!!!!
ThiS PaGe Iz StiLL uNdEr ConStRuCtIoN.....It hAs BeEn fOr A wHiLe anD wIll aLwAys bE unDer cOnstRucTioN..and its only gonna get we alll get higher.....~~~~~~~~~~>
update~^~updAte~~^~~> check out a very sad aol story here please every one listin to me if you dont already know this you have no security in the internet some one always knows what you are doin this story is jus one of many that make me sick to my stomach ..... we have no privacy nad this is just goin to be another way for some one to try to controll us... i cant sit back anymore as a taxpaying citizen of this country and let this happen any more it needs to be stpped WE NEED TO STOP IT.... whats next? is the question EVERYONE needs to ask themselves....before its too late......this needs to stop i want privacy EVERYWHERE in my HOME and on my COMPUTER!!!!!!......
......the mp3 section is up klik here for that........ummmm.... weeD warEz is up and goNna start aN anTi aoL paGe~~~get some progs and aol tips~~~~cause thEy aRe staRting To piSs me off klik here for that....... iF yOu WanT tO pUt youR LinK hEre eMail mE (at the bottom) aNd iLL hOoK yOuR sHiT uP~~i GueSS thAts AlL fOR nOW LaTeR fOR nOw upDate~^~update june 29 2000
aDded some more images 2day and did some other shiT

I took the anti-right klik off so take what you want i dont care...............................thanx

links to some of the bands i like other misc. links
skis page ....shit changes aily cant keep up wit it !!!

  • if you smoke pot and havent been here there is something wrong

YoU aRe NuMbEr~~~>
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fLaMiNg TeXt.CoM,

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