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A Trip Through Our Canyon of Love
(A poem of Love written by Henry J. Seager
for his wife Arline Seager
for their 32nd Wedding Anniversary, September 5, 1979)

Come with me, through the canyon of love
let me take you by the hand,
let me lead you through some 32 years,
which has always been my plan.

We first approach, that day of days,
that day we signed as one,
you chose me to be your spouse
oh, I'm glad, I didn't run.
You brought with us, a very young lad
introduced to me, as your son,
it didn't matter to me, as you know
'cause we still, all functioned as one.


As we continue our journey, my darling
please notice, along the way,
the hardships, love and devotion
and we still, found time to play.

You can still, on the walls of the canyon
see impressions, of the fun we had,
you, as a wife and a mother
and me, in the role of a dad.

When our son left our camp of  love
to be on his own, in this word, you and I,
continued together in a life, yet to be unfurled.


We missed our son, right from the start
it was hard to fill his void,
but together, we managed somehow
by changes in our lives, we employed.

We lived hard and fast, to begin with
as the signs in the canyon do show,
now look again, my darling
our speed, is beginning to slow.


Right here, we're ending our fifties
our bodies, are entering that stage,
the impressions, I see on the canyon walls
is what we all , do know as age.

But darling, let's not despair
the trail of our canyon, is long,
I'll continue to hold your hand
and let nothing happen that's wrong.


Whether here, or in some other world
in me, you can always confide,
hasn't it been fun, my darling
in our canyon, with you by my  side.

Love, Hank

Hank and Arline Seager are my husbands parents.
Hank died on June 5, 1981
They celebrated 34 years of wedded bliss.
Theirs was love born in Heaven and Blessed
by God.
It is to them I owe my everlasting gratitude
for raising the son that they did, My beloved husband,

Please, this set was made exclusively by me for
this page, do not take it. If you really want it,
e-mail me and I will see what I can do.
Thank you for respecting my wishes.
Phyllis Seager.