Knockout Kings 2001

Graphics - The boxers are very detailed and have very fluid movements. The audience is the traditional 2-D.

Grade: B

Commentary/Audio - The commentators are Al Bernstein, Max Kellerman and Teddy Atlas. The commentary agrees with what goes on during the match almost all the time. When using create-a-player you have 30 different entrance themes to choose from. Background music is provided by "bands" such as Blakcalicious, DJ Vadim, Del the Funky Homosapien and everyone's favorite, Black Eyed Peas.

Grade: B

Controls - Walking around seems like a hassle. Four different kinds of punches: uppercut, cross, hook, jab. Can punch to head or body. Choose between a haymaker punch or not. There's also some auto-combinations for each boxer. Each boxer has its own taunt as well. You can use illegal moves like headbutts, low blows, elbows and kidney punches. While clinching to your opponent, you can punch, headbutt, rabbit punch or kidney punch. It is rumored that you can bite your opponent's ear. Haven't been able to pull that one off yet.

Grade: B (A+ if you can bite someone's ear)

Game Options - Here you have lots of choices: Exhibition, Career, Slugfest or Fantasy Fights.
Exhibition is just pick two boxers and the arena and fight.
Career is where you create a boxer and train him in between fights so you can boost up his ratings (power, speed, stamina, chin, heart, cuts). Work up the ladder and win the title and then get challenged by others until there's no one left.
Slugfest is a no holds barred match. No rules. Punch to the groin all you want it's all legal.
Fantasy Fights is where you can watch or fight in boxing matches that never took place but you wish they did.
Overall a long career mode and you can also choose between being a lightweight, middleweight or heavyweight. For the exhibition fights you can also be a female.

Grade: B+

Extras - Real life referees Richard Steele and Mills Lane. Ring announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr. Ten arenas (and their capacity) from which to choose from including Madison Square Garden (20,000), Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas (outside, 10,000) The Roman Coliseum (100,000) and Mecca in New York City (5,000). 36 male a 4 female boxers and their bios are in this game. Boxers include Muhammad Ali, Butterbean, Jack Dempsey, Joe Frazier, Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Leonard, Lennox Lewis, Sonny Liston, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, David Tua, Christy Martin, Mia St. John and Julio Cesar Chavez.

Grade: Despite missing Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. I give it a B+

Overall Grade: B/B+ If I could beat Sara in Slugfest mode the grade would be higher.