The Real All Stars (cont.)

This is my NL All Star roster. Same rules as the AL.

Catcher - Charles Johnson (15-50-.285) starts for the NL. First in RBI(50), doubles(19), SLG(.552) and AVG(.285). Also leads all catchers with 72 strikeouts.
Mike Piazza (20-45-.269) backs him up. He's first in HR(20) and TB(142).

First Base - Todd Helton (25-82-.324) starts at 1B. Talk about dominating your position. Helton leads all NL first basemen in RS(77), hits(96), doubles(29), HR(25), RBI(82), BB(54), OBP(.431), SLG (.676) and TB (200). Also has a .324 average.
Ryan Klesko (17-68-.298) is backing him up. He's tied for first in BB(54) and has a surprising 14 stolen bases.

Second Base - Craig Biggio (13-37-.303) starts at second base. First in RS(56), hits(93), HR(13), OBP(.390) and TB(151).
Jeff Kent (12-61-.294) backs him up. First in doubles(22), RBI(61) and SLG(.508).

Shortstop - Rich Aurilia (12-34-.352) starts at SS. First in hits(109), doubles(24), OBP(.391), SLG(.565), AVG(.352) and TB(173).
Jimmy Rollins (7-36-.281) backs him up. First in triples(8). Has 25 stolen bases and 94 hits. Could steal some ROTY votes from Pujols.

Third Base - Speaking of which, Albert Pujols (21-66-.344) starts at 3B. First in hits(99), HR(21), RBI(66), SLG(.632), AVG(.344) and TB(173). Also has 16 doubles.
Chipper Jones (21-59-.304) backs him up. First in RS(58), HR(21), BB(56), OBP(.414). Also has 15 doubles.

Outfielders - Luis Gonzalez (32-78-.356) leads the outfield. First in RS(72), hits(110), triples(4), RBI(78) and TB(229). Has a .448 OBP and .741 SLG. Legitimate triple crown candidate.
Brian Giles (18-50-.330). First in doubles(26). Has .620 SLG.
Lance Berkman (22-71-.354). First in triples(4). Has a .688 SLG and a .459 OBP.
Barry Bonds (39-71-.303). First in HR(39), BB(81), OBP(.483) and SLG(.853). Slowed down a bit with the home runs but still an incredibly high SLG.
Larry Walker (25-78-.346). First in RBI(78). Has .686 SLG and .447 OBP. Barring injuries is one of the best players out there.
Moises Alou (18-60-.363). First in AVG(.363). Having an amazing season. Missed a little in the beginning of the year but hasn't been injured since.
Cliff Floyd (21-68-.334). If Florida was any better (and they will be if they keep their team together) Floyd could easily win an MVP one day.
Sammy Sosa (26-75-.302). Has .658 SLG and .420 OBP.

Pitchers - Greg Maddux (9-5-2.38) gets on my all star team. First in shutouts(2) and ERA(2.38). Has 13 quality starts. 18 BB, 103 K and .240 AVG against in 121 IP. Averages 1.3 BB/9 innings.
John Burkett (6-6-2.39). Has 13 quality starts. 29 BB, 107 K and .214 AVG against in 120.2 IP.
Matt Morris (10-4-2.65). 14 quality starts. 28 BB, 78 K and .271 AVG against in 112 IP.
Randy Johnson (10-5-2.70). First in K(189). 15 quality starts. 40 BB, 189 K, .206 AVG against in 126 IP. Averages 13.5 K/9 innings.
Curt Schilling (12-2-2.99). First in CG(5), IP(129.1) and W(12). 14 quality starts. 18 BB, 141 K, .233 AVG against in 129.1 IP. Averages 9.8 K/9 and 1.2 BB/9 innings.
Jon Lieber (10-4-3.14). 13 quality starts. 21 BB, 82 K, .236 AVG against in 120.1 IP. Averages 1.5 BB/9 innings.
Wade Miller (10-3-3.75). 12 quality starts. 39 BB, 97 K, .241 AVG against in 115.1 IP.
Ben Sheets (10-4-3.35). 9 quality starts. 33 BB, 57 K, .264 AVG against in 100.1 IP.
Robb Nen leads the NL with 25 saves. Is 2-2 with a 3.49 ERA. Has 14 BB, 54 K, .200 AVG against in 38.2 IP.
Steve Karsay. Has 2 saves and is 0-1 but has a 1.10 ERA. 12 BB, 47 K, .180 AVG against in 50 IP.
Byung-Hyun Kim. 4 saves and a 3-2 record with a 3.31 ERA. 26 BB, 70 K, .193 AVG against in 56.1 IP. Averages 11.6 K/9 innings.
Jeff Shaw. Has 21 saves and a 3-2 record with a 3.32 ERA. 10 BB, 36 K, .214 AVG against in 41 IP.

So there you have it. 4 Astros, Giants, Braves and Diamondbacks, 2 Marlins, Rockies, Cardinals and Cubs and 1 Brewer, Met, Padre, Philly, Pirate and Dodger.
Not represented are the Expos and Reds. Vladimir Guerrero and Sean Casey were close but not quite there.