The Real All Stars

These are my AL and NL All Star Teams. The stats shown are between the days of July 1 and July 4. And when I mention that a certain player is leading in a certain category, I mean that they are leading that category for their position (for example, Posada is first with 61 RBI). I picked starters for each position and one backup for each position. I realize that leaves out a lot of people but doesn't MLB do that too? There are 30 man rosters just like MLB but I don't have that stupid rule that every team has to be represented in the game. I mean, why should Cal Ripken, Jr. start in the all star game? Because he's retiring? I agree he should be in it maybe as an honorary captain or something but not starting in it. With that said, he's NOT on my all star team. But here's who is:

American League

Catcher - Jorge Posada (13HR-61RBI-.307AVG) gets the start over Pudge. Why? Because Posada leads all catchers with 61 RBI, 36 BB and a .401 OBP. He's tied for the lead with 74 hits and is second with 13 home runs and 128 total bases.
Ivan Rodriguez (16-41-.287) backs up Posada as the only other catcher worth mentioning in the AL. Besides that, he is first in HR(16), RS(41) and total bases(136). He also has 41 RBI and 6 SB so far this season.

First Base - Mike Sweeney (21-62-.334) deserves to be the starter here. First in RS(68), hits(105), doubles(34), RBI(62) and TB(202). He is second in HR with 21 and has a .643 SLG with a .334 AVG.
Jason Giambi (19-60-.337) backs him up. First in BB(71), OBP(.481), SLG(.652) and AVG(.337). Only has 45 strikeouts.

Second Base - Bret Boone (21-80-.328) is first in RS(59), hits(102), HR(21), RBI(80), SLG(.595) and TB(185). And who would have expected him to do half this much this season?
Backing him up is Roberto Alomar (8-50-.353). First in hits(102), triples(6), BB(40), OBP(.426) and AVG(.353). He also has 13 stolen bases.

Shortstop - There is no other choice but Alex Rodriguez (23-67-.317). First in RS(70), hits(99), doubles(19), HR(23), RBI(67), BB(41), OBP(.402), SLG(.606), AVG(.317) and TB(189). There's only one category I looked at that he doesn't lead for SS and his backup does.
Christian Guzman (7-31-.307). First in triples with 11. Has 16 stolen bases. I don't know HOW many times he got a single out of a routine groundball to the shortstop.

Third Base - Troy Glaus (21-52-.254) is the starter here. First in RS(48), HR(21), RBI(52), BB(52) and TB(158). Also has 21 doubles.
Corey Koskie (9-47-.247) is his backup. The average is low but he also has 11 stolen bases and a ton of great plays at third base.

Outfielders - By far the hardest position in both leagues to choose players from.
Ichiro no last name (3-36-.348). First in RS(70), hits(125), triples(6), AVG(.348) and stolen bases(27). I've seen this guy get a triple out of a groundball to rightfield.
Manny "doesn't need a last name" Ramirez (24-78-.328). First in HR(24), RBI(78), OBP(.425), SLG(.636), and TB(192). Would win first half triple crown if it weren't for Ichiro having a higher average.
Bernie Williams (14-46-.328). Not first in any category for OF but missed a lot of time early in the year.
Juan Gonzalez (21-73-.342). Has 100 hits and a .620 SLG.
Ellis Burks (20-53-.296). One word. Ageless. Has a .607 SLG and along with Juan Gone are more than making up for Ramirez leaving for Boston.
Magglio Ordonez (18-53-.301). Quietly having a solid season. 11 stolen bases and .546 SLG.
Edgar Martinez (12-64-.303). Has 62 BB and 49 strikeouts.
Mike Cameron (14-54-.270). Is having an amazing season. 17 SB and 4 triples also.

Pitchers - Another tough position to choose people from.
Pedro Martinez (7-2-2.26). Even with the injury should have at least been nominated. Leads AL pitchers in K(150), ERA(2.26), quality starts(12) and AVG against(.194). Has only 22 BB and 72 hits in 103.2 IP.
Roger Clemens (11-1-3.59). First in W(11). Has 110 hits, 37 BB and 116 K in 115.2 IP and a .246 AVG against.
Joe Mays (10-5-3.03). Has 10 quality starts. 28 BB, 53 K in 115.2 IP. Opponents are batting just .231 off him.
Freddy Garcia (9-1-3.43). 10 quality starts. 96 hits in 115.1 IP and a .226 AVG against.
Aaron Sele (8-1-3.61). 10 quality starts. 24 BB and 44 K in 99.2 IP. Got roughed up one game in Colorado.
Kaz Sasaki leads the AL with 28 saves. Gave up 24 hits, 6 BB and has 37 K in 36.2 IP. Opponents batting .176 off him.
Mariano Rivera has 26 saves. 28 hits, 7 BB, 46 K in 42.2 IP. Low 2.32 ERA for a closer.
Troy Percival has 19 saves. Talk about low ERA. How about 0.90. And opponents batting only .126 off him. Gave up only 13 hits and 7 BB and has struck out 33 in 30 IP.
Latroy Hawkins has 19 saves. Opponents batting .221 off him. 25 hits, 11 ER, 22 BB, 25 K in 29.2 IP.
Arthur Rhodes has given up only 27 hits, 8 ER and 10 BB while having 44 K in 35.2 IP. Plus he's 5-0 with a 2.02 ERA and they are batting just .206 off him.
Jeff Nelson has given up only 14 hits, 8 ER, 22 BB while striking out 51 in 34 IP. He's 3-1 with a 2.12 ERA and opponents batting only .122 off him.
Mike Stanton has 16 BB and 49 K in 46 IP. His 1.91 ERA also stands out.
Paul Quantrill is 7-1 with a 1.91 ERA. He would be Toronto's best starter by far with a record like that. Has 6 BB and 35 K in 47 IP.

So there you have it. 31 players because someone's got to take Pedro's spot. 9 Mariners, 5 Yankees, 4 Twins, 3 Indians, 2 Angels, Red Sox and Rangers, and one Royal, Athletic, White Sock and Blue Jay. There are no Devil Rays, Orioles or Tigers.

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