Links for Geometry at CHS

Our Textbook

Triangle Explorer

***Answers for math A Regents Exams

Java applets for Geometry classes

Theorems from the Geometry of the Circle

More than you could imagine regarding the ORTHOCENTER

Excellent site on Geometric Constructions


Explorations with triangle congruency

List of ways to prove two triangle congruent

Graphing parabolas (as shown at

Graphing parabolas at Purplemath

Algebraic source of the Quadratic Formula

Classifying Angles

Inductive and Deductive Reasoning from Sparknotes

The most-used postulates, Theorems, & Definitions

Geometry from the land of the Incas

A list of the Algebraic properties of equality

A small self-check on the properties of equality

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The Four Types of Symmetry in the Plane

Through the looking-glass by Rachel Thomas