Dynamic geometry environments provide students with experimental and modeling tools that allow them to investigate geometric phenomena in much the same way as computer algebra systems allow them to experiment with algebraic phenomena.

from http://www.corestandards.org/Math/Content/HSG/introduction


  1. A slew of my items are now being put at GeoGebra
  2. Graph 1 (gif)
  3. Graph 2 (Note: IE 7 will download and save as a "zip" file. GeoGebra can open it.)
  4. Wipers (java version) (GSP version) (animated gif made in Geogebra and edited in Fireworks)
  5. Sine simplified (gif)
  6. 5-leafed rose (java)
  7. 6 in 1 graphic (animated gif over 4 mg)
  8. Gathering a collection here (gif)
  9. Regular polygons and circles! (gif)
  10. More about regular polygons and circles! (Java)
  11. The basic sine graph Java
  12. The basic cosine graph (java)
  13. A couple spinners (gif)
  14. Spinning propellar (gif)
  15. My Grateful Dead plot (gif)
  16. Christmas tree (gif)
  17. So sine and cosine are related? (gif)
  18. Parabola 1! (gif)
  19. cardiod by chords (gif)
  20. 7 pointed star-rose (gif)
  21. Ellipses are simple (gif)
  22. wonderbread (gif)
  23. Macdonald's and parabolas?
  24. Hubcap math (gif)
  25. Find a bug here!! (gif)
  26. causeandeffect1 (gif)
  27. causeandeffect2 (gif)
  28. causeandeffect3 (gif)
  29. See what a pentagon and a circle can do! (gif)
  30. Just another design! (gif)
  31. sliding ladder! (gif)
  32. 3-leafed rose using Cinderella (gif)
  33. Geogebra 3D exploration 1 (gif)
  34. Geogebra 3D exploration 2 (gif)
  35. 3D 4: volume of revolution (java)
  36. 3D 6: volume of revolution #2 (java)
  37. 3D 6: volume of revolution #3 (java)
  38. trapezoidal approximations (java)
  39. disk method 1
  40. video of above disk method (Youtube)
  41. same as above in flash (testing version)
  42. Properties of Quadrilaterals
  43. floating midpoints and ellipses (java)
  44. testing Cinderella
  45. GeoGebra tool menus
  46. MR VL's Homepage
  47. testing a file

Most of these files use GeoGebra

In addition to these, more can be found at geogebratube