Links specifically chosen for PreAlgebra

Topic #1: The Order of Operations

One To Ten: An Arithmetic Game The computer selects four numbers from one to ten. You must combine these integers, using each one once, to form each of the integers from one to ten.

Order of Operations WORKOUT from

Order of Operations WORKOUT from
The Order of Operations - I from
A+ Math Worksheet ( Order of Operations )
Order of Operations & Evaluating Expressions from Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep
Amby's Resources: These materials are designed to help you practice solving problems using the correct ORDER OF OPERATIONS.

Topic #2: First-degree Equations

Algebraic Reasoning - Weighing Scales
Algebra Balance Scales

Balance Beam Activity

Topic #3: Lines and Their Equations

Writing Equations of Lines courtesy of Utah State University
Graph Explorer

General Coordinates Game

Slope Sliders
Slope and y-intercept from

Topic #4: Systems of First-degree Equations

Systems of Linear Equations by combination


Topic #5: Quadratics

Online factoring practice
The rules of exponents