My GeoGebra List (updated 12/4/2015) in no particular order (See this page also)

  1. Creating a regular pentagon starting with a square, and using only Euclidean tools (compass and straightedge.

  2. Geometric roses are simple!!!

  3. Floating Midpoints: Ellipses made simple

  4. Polynomials and the unit circle: applying Maclaurin series

  5. A Ferris wheel being built here.

  6. SSA congruence?

  7. What does "betweenness" really mean?

  8. GeoGebra is not all geometry. Try some factoring!

  9. The trapezoidal area method for calculus

  10. Do tires go in circles?

  11. Limacons and cardiods without trig

  12. Effect of changing parameters on a basic graph

  13. Adding two fractions. That's all!

  14. Reducing a fraction!

  15. Approximating pi using darts!

  16. Your own roller coaster!!

  17. The Crazy Circle Illusion: How are these dots moving? I wish this one was mine, but it isn't!

  18. The 9 Point Circle!

  19. Some basic info on matrix transformations of the plane.


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