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Gianni Monti Cassettes & CD's

Cassettes & CD's

Cantando Con Voi


  • Che Sara'
  • Nessuno mi puo' Giudicare
  • Reginella
  • Stella D'argento
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Amapola
  • Luna Rossa
  • Guarda
  • Champagne
  • Guaglione
  • Luna Caprese
  • Parole
  • Non Dimenticare
  • Guarda che Luna
  • Mannagia a' Te
  • Romagna Mia
  • My Way
  • Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu
  • Malafemmena
  • Piccolo Fiore


Gianni Monti was born in Brusciano (Naples) Italy in 1957
and has been singing since he was 8 years old.
He was already singing and winning in various competitions at the age of 15.
One of the judges called his voice, 'One of the best in Italy'.
Cantando Con Voi, meaning, singing with you, is a compilation of songs from the 50's to the 80's capturing the essence of the pure Napolitaen voice, the authenticity and the heartfelt compassion.
All forms of expressions can be felt while listening to this marvelous collection of songs.
Gianni Monti has the power to pull you in and keep you there alongside him with every song.
It's not possible to let go until the song is finished.

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The Best of Gianni Monti

  • Cowboy Napoletano
  • La mia Serenata
  • Il Mondo
  • Voglio Amarti Cosi
  • Inginocchio da Te
  • Rose Rosse
  • Ora sei rimasta Sola
  • Parole
  • Il Cuore e' un Zingaro
  • A Chi-(Hurt)
  • Piccolo Fiore
  • Hai Amore
  • Caruso
  • Serenata per Te
  • Corazon Cuore Mio
  • My Way
  • Il Tuo Mondo
  • Non Mi Lasciare Solo
  • Amica Mia
  • Nnamurato e Te


The Best of Gianni Monti is a continuation of Cantando con Voi remembering
more romantic songs of Italy.
But this time he adds some of his own works that have been played all over NY
on the Italian radio stations.
Once again it's time to pour a glass of wine, relax and listen to the show Gianni will put on for you.
You'll feel as if you're in beautiful Italy listening to the songs that only a true Napolitane
voice can deliver, the voice of Gianni Monti.
Many artists try to imitate the feelings, the joy and the pain of the Napolitane people.
Gianni Monti is a true representation of the Napolitean people and the only Napolitean singer that can truly deliver these songs, not only with his voice but with his own style and sound that creates renditions that can not be duplicated.

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  • Brivido Felino
  • Chi Sara-Sway
  • The Shadow of Your Smile-
    (Castelli di Sabbia)
  • Samba Italiana-
    (Quando Quando - Ciao Ciao Bambino)
  • Medley-(Autumn Leaves-
    Love Me Tender-Roberta)
  • The Boy From Ipanema-
    (Ragazza d'Ipanema)
  • Stand By Me-Pregero'
  • Time To Say Goodbye-Con Te Partiro'
  • I Hate You, Then I Love You-
    (Grande Grande)
  • Till
  • Al-di-la'
  • Vivo Per Lei
  • You Don't Have To Say You Love Me-
    (Io Che Non Vivo)
  • Marina Mix-
    (Marina-Volare-Il Ballo di Simone)
  • The Wonder of You-La Voglia di Te
  • Prima Mix-(Come Prima-
    Amore Scusami-My Love Forgive Me)


The name of this CD is called Brivido, in Italian, meaning shivers.
And that's exactly what this recording will give you.
Gianni Monti and Lisetta have the perfect blend of Italian and American music.
Gianni has worked all over Italy and is said to have one of the best Napolitaen voices around reeling you in with his authenticity, paralyzing you as he sings with passion from his heart.
You can hear him crying out when he does the most dramatic Napolitaen songs.
Lisetta, joined with Gianni in 1998 and appears with him nightly.
She sings with just as much passion adding an extra spice to the Gianni Monti Sound with her own unique style for Broadway and Disco music.
Her sultry tone for the great standards and torch songs
also add to the romantic style of this duo.
No matter what they sing, Gianni Monti and Lisetta have the power and the talent to evoke in you the emotions they feel when they perform.

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Sospiri D'Amore

  • Anema e core
  • Quien Sera
  • Besame Mucho
  • Medley-(Voglio Amarti Cosi-
    Amor-Stella d'Argento)
  • Begin The Beguine
  • More
  • Put Your Head On My Shoulder
  • Quando Caliente El Sole-
    (Love Me With All Your Heart)
  • I Want You I Need You I Love You
  • Quando M'Innamoro
  • Feelings
  • Dio Come Ti Amo
  • It Had To Be You
  • All Of Me
  • Se Mi Lasci non Vale
  • Il Padrino-Speak Softly Love
  • Suspirannu
  • Mamma
  • L'Uccellino della Commare
  • La Luna mezzo Mare


The most wonderful napolitan and american songs will not be forgotten......Don't forget to check out the cassettes too........Some of the recordings have the popular requested "Angela" and "Grazie Papa" written by Gianni Monti.........Enjoy!........BUON DIVERTIMENTO!!!!...

Romantic music for all occasions

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