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I call this set " Rose Splender"
It is situated within seemless tables to produce
this expanding border effect.


If you decide to use
this set please
download the



In the zip file you will find
all the images and a text document
to show you where to add your own content in
the right place.
I will also leave the two image maps
I have created for this set linked up for you.
All you will have to do is add in your own
links to where it says to in the text file.
This means if you follow the text document
your page will look just like this
with all your links.You will
have to place your bars and accents
to where you would want them though.
You will have to change the text document into
an html file.


In return for use of this set my
matching logo is to remain
on the page at the bottom which
will allready be linked up in the text file



If you have any questions or problems
feel free to
Email Me