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Ever since the spring of 1994, iD Software’s Doom and Doom2 have been blowing my mind, freaking me out, and providing one groovy trip, baby. The world of PC gaming has evolved since 1994, and games like Duke Nukem, Tomb Raider, and Quake have replaced Doom in the hearts of many. Is Doom passe? Au contraire! For sheer fun and modular enhancement, it’s tough to beat Doom. And so, with all apologies to Canadian comic laureate Mike Myers, this page uses the retro-chic slang of Austin Powers’ Swinging London to pay tribute to the retro-chic world of iD Software’s Doom.

Right, then! Point your mouse to the fab, gear, swinging link buttons below to explore the uptight and out-of-sight Fragadelic Doom Page.

Learn more about the smashing Doom projects I've been involved in, including the retro anime world of  Gatchaman Doom, the creepy castles and alien aquaducts of Lovinger Outpost and my latest project, the too-cool-for-words Mythconceptions. See screenshots and download Total Conversions. Find out about my collaborators, without which I'd be nothing more than a pathetic jive-talking aging hipster!