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Downloads, Baby!

I can't guarantee that downloading Gatchaman Doom will make you groovier than Tom Jones' latest LP.

I can't promise that virtual reality vixen Lara Croft will pop out of your PC and beg to be your Love Bunny after unzipping Lovinger Outpost.

And, as much as I'd like to, I can't really say that four out of five dentists recommend Mythconceptions as a way-out method to build healthy bodies twelve different ways for their patients who already chew tobacco.

Goodness Sakes, Squire! I can't claim that any of these Total Conversions will reverse male pattern baldness, cure insomnia, prevent Y2K madness, undo the damage done by eight years of Bill Clinton, close the Ozone Hole, make your girlfriend a Britney Spears lookalike, help you pass your Bar Exam, or grant you the ability to telepathically communicate with Flying Whales on the planet Ki'mAlyN.

Only I have that kind of power, baby!

One quick caveat - I strongly recommend you have at least 16 MB RAM for best performance.

Gatchaman Doom is a Total Conversion for the Ultimate Doom, and is also compatible with Boom-derived engines such as MBF. The text file for Gatchaman Doom can be found here. To download, just click.
Lovinger Outpost is a Total Conversion for Doom2, and has an additional installation BAT file should you wish to play it under MBF. To download (887 KB zipped), click here. The online version of the text file is here. You can read a "perfect" review of Lovinger at The Co-op Certification Laboratory.
Mythconceptions is still being worked on, hep cat. If you can download it, you're living in an alternate reality or different century, man!
Also available! The original graphics-only Gatchaman patch for Doom! Ultimate Doom versions of the Opening and Closing levels of Lovinger Outpost! To learn more about these goodies, click here